Building/Construction Services


The physical plant can provide estimates to departments for projects that it can perform or coordinate with the resources of its staff. Ordinarily there is no charge for this estimating service.

Estimating such projects can require a considerable amount of time from physical plant personnel and outside contractors. Therefore, the requesting departments should have secured funding and have prior approval for the project before seeking an estimate from the physical plant.

Construction, Alteration and Remodeling

The physical plant provides personnel and/or coordinates outside contractors for all construction, alteration, renovation, or remodeling projects in university facilities.

Departments must complete a request for service online.


Painting of classrooms, corridors, stairwells, restrooms, and other public areas within campus buildings is the responsibility of the physical plant and is done on a scheduled periodic basis.

Painting of offices, labs, and other departmental use areas is available as a chargeable service, an online request for service must be submitted.

Keys and Locks

Reproduction of keys to the university’s lock system by anyone other than the university’s locksmith is strictly prohibited.

When keys are lost or stolen, report it immediately to security at extension 5555, or to the Physical Plant administrative office at extension 2245.

Lock changing is a chargeable service an online request for service must be submitted. All university keys are issued through the physical plant administrative office at extension 2245.

Signs and Plaques

Signs and plaques for campus buildings must conform to university standards for wording and lettering style. Plaques must have approval of the university’s administration.

The physical plant is responsible for installing and maintaining signs in public areas of all campus buildings.

Furniture Moving

Furniture moving is available as a chargeable service, an online request for service must be submitted. If a department arranges for an outside commercial moving service for any reason, the physical plant must be advised so that elevator and right-of-way arrangements can be made, and liability for any damages to university facilities can be addressed.


The physical plant coordinates an ongoing recycling program for some materials produced in the university’s solid waste stream. The campus community is urged to participate to the fullest extent in this program. Receptacles for recyclable materials are located throughout the campus in all buildings and are serviced and maintained by the physical plant daily.