Motor Vehicles

The Physical Plant maintains a limited number of vehicles available for departmental use. If you would like to rent a vehicle you must submit a request for service online.

  • Vehicles are to be used for University business only.
  • Vehicles are not to be operated by students.
  • The rate of $0.40 per mile or $25.00 a day (minimum) plus gasoline will be charged to the account provided in the request for service. The Physical Plant office must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any cancellations. Otherwise, the department will be billed a $25.00 charge.
  • Approved requests will be placed on the Vehicle Schedule Calendar in the Physical Plant office. The vehicle, keys, and a form will be obtained from and returned to the Physical Plant. When a vehicle is returned after normal office hours, vehicle windows should be closed, doors locked, and the vehicle should be parked at the Physical Plant. Keys and the report form should then be deposited in the mail slot in the door at the south end of the Vehicle Maintenance Garage, near the gasoline pump.
  • Normally, a vehicle should not be picked up before the individual will need it. It is very important that the vehicle be returned promptly to the Physical Plant when scheduled to be back. Other departments might be waiting.
  • When having a vehicle fueled, have the oil checked. Upon its return, see that the vehicle’s interior is left free from refuse or articles belonging to passengers.
  • Please clean out vehicles of all trash, debris or belongings upon return. Borrowers leaving trash or debris in the vehicle are subject to a cleaning charge in addition to the regular vehicle usage fee.
  • Vehicle capacities are 11 passengers (including the driver) in vans and 8 passengers (including the driver) in the Suburban. These capacities should not be exceeded.
  • All drivers must complete the defensive driving course required by The University of Tulsa prior to driving a university van. (Does not apply to the Suburban)