All degree candidates must complete a degree application card, which can be obtained in the Collegiate Advising Office.

The graduate's name, as listed on the card, is the name that will be printed on the diploma and called at commencement ceremonies. The address on the card needs to be the graduate's address after graduation, as the diploma will be mailed to that address. Please verify with the Registrar's Office that the card has been received from the Advising Office. Diplomas will not be released until all debts have been cleared with the University.

International students need to order transcripts, copies of the diploma and all other notarized documents prior to commencement to ensure the paperwork will be available prior to leaving the United States. This must be done at the Office of the Registrar.

All information concerning commencement can be obtained through the Office of Student Affairs at 918-631-2327 or by visiting the Commencement site.

Undergraduate Degree Application 

(Diploma Mailing Instructions)