Fire Safety & Emergency

The City of Tulsa Fire Marshall is actively involved in the plan, review and inspection process of every new and remodeled project located on the TU campus. Staff from the Physical Plant cooperate with Tulsa’s fire marshall on a routine basis to conduct inspections of every existing facility on campus. Campus Security is committed to eliminating any potential fire hazards and ensuring the fire and life safety systems located in all campus buildings are functioning properly.

The Tulsa Fire Department is responsible for responding to any fires on campus and for determining their cause and origin.

Mandatory Fire Drills

Each year, the university Residence Life staff conducts mandatory fire drills and provides fire safety training to residents in an effort to familiarize the campus community with critical procedures.

Evacuation Procedures in an Emergency

If the fire alarm sounds, all occupants in residence halls must meet at the emergency evacuation safe location designated by resident assistants. In the case of an actual fire or other life-threatening situation, residents will be moved to a designated area or shelter until they are notified that it is safe to return to the building.

What to do in the event of an alarm

  • Move quickly to the exit in your area and remain calm. Proceed to the designated waiting area for additional instructions in an orderly fashion.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and carry a towel or blanket
  • in case of smoke. Don’t forget keys and your ID.
  • If not occupying your room when the alarm sounds, continue to the nearest exit without returning to your room.
  • Always use stairways. Never use elevators.

Fire Prevention Rules

  • Fireworks or explosives are prohibited.
  • Candles are prohibited along with open flame devices such as lanterns, potpourri pots or warmers that use votive or canned fuel.
  • All appliances must be approved by housing.
  • Smoking in the residence halls is prohibited.
  • Incense burning is prohibited.


The combustibles used in room decorating, including fabrics, cardboard and other materials, must be flame proof. Please purchase only UL- or FM-approved material that is labeled flame proof or flame retardant.

Fire Reporting

Per federal law, The University of Tulsa is required to annually disclose statistical data on all fires that occur in on-campus housing facilities. In the event of an actual fire, you should immediately call 9-1-1. To report fires that have already been extinguished, or if you find evidence of such a fire in an on-campus student housing facility, contact The Department of Campus Security at 918-631-5555. It is critical to document all reports of residential fires in the annual report.


Fire Safety Spec PDF File