Campus Safety Measures

Our security force conducts routine patrols to enhance the safety of our campus by deterring crime before it happens. Security officers work closely with the City of Tulsa Police Department in preventing crime in our surrounding neighborhood and, when necessary, making arrests and investigating crimes.

In addition to these routine security measures, we've employed several other tools to enhance campus safety.

  • Blue phones - emergency phones located outside buildings and pathways across campus
  • Digital Signage alerts displayed in numerous buildings
  • Emergency phones - emergency phones located in buildings and elevators
  • Social Media - emergency messages and official univeristy communications via facebook and twitter pages
  • Text Messaging Alerts to subscribers
  • Web Site - a home page alert feature will be prevelant on the home page in the event an emergency notice needs to be posted

Access to Campus Facilities

Instructional and administrative facilities are open to the public year-round during business hours, but Campus Security is called upon to allow access to some campus facilities when they are closed to the public. TU does not authorize access without the approval of Campus Security as verified by a person with legitimate control of the facility.

Buildings and Grounds

Physical Plant staff maintain the university buildings and grounds with a concern for safety and security. They inspect campus facilities regularly and respond to reports of potential safety and security hazards such as broken windows and locks. The Physical Plant staff make sure the campus is well-lit, and additional lighting is installed as needed.

All campus buildings, grounds and properties are routinely inspected by Campus Security officers and Physical Plant employees to ensure that all lights are functioning.