Sexual Violence Prevention and Education

Students are urged to take responsibility for their relationships and guard against sexual violence. Furthermore, students must be aware of their surroundings both on campus and off campus and take precautions that will diminish the likelihood of becoming a victim of sexual violence.

The University provides numerous educational means by which students can be informed about these issues. Also, students are urged to practice risk reduction behaviors. The entire University community must be alerted to and conscious of sexual violence and the impact such behavior has upon complainants and the University community at large.

Educational programs are an essential part of prevention. Names of TU personnel who have agreed to serve as Primary Contacts will be posted prominently around campus and will be on file with Campus Security and other University offices including the Office of Student Affairs. Brochures dealing with prevention will be readily available to all students. Students new to the University are urged to participate in a program on sexual violence and risk reduction behavior while attending the new student orientation program.

All student organizations are encouraged to develop their own educational programs to be presented to their members. The University offers a broad range of consultants and presenters who will be prepared to assist organizations in the design and delivery of their programs. Students are referred to the Dean of Students for assistance in this area.