Sustainability Committee

Our mission is to promote a culture of sustainability on the TU campus - to advance policies and participate in projects that lead to a more sustainable future.


Single Stream

Single stream recycling is now deployed to the TU campus. Single stream recycling refers to a system in which all paper fibers and containers are mixed together in a collection truck, instead of being sorted into separate commodities (newspaper, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.

We are excited to have new outdoor containers on Dietler Commons (Old "U")! Go check them out!!!

Single stream allows TU students and employees to recycle larger portions of their waste. For example, single stream accepts all types of plastics, glass, and tin. This process is also simpler as individuals will no longer need to sort their recyclables, instead they will only have to have two containers: trash and recyclables. Recycle in blue bins, or any bin with a clear liner. Trash goes in all others.


Take the Trayless Challenge to help sustainability efforts at TU!

Check out our Yellow Bike Program here!

The Committee for Sustainability promotes a culture of sustainability on the TU campus. The Committee facilitates research, learning opportunities, policies, and practices that address environmental, economic, and social responsibility.

We serve as a connection for all members of the campus community - including faculty, staff, and students - to advance policies and projects and participate in processes that lead to a more sustainable future.