Purchasing Choices

  • ¬†Replacement of paper purchasing material and manuals with online alternatives
  • Replacement of washing machines to front loading option utilizing less water/soap (still have top loaders to replace in Brown Village-other villages complete). Front loaders spin more water out of the clothes and therefore it takes less energy to dry.
  • ENERGY STAR (EPA) purchasing (primarily electronics) (All new copiers and computers follow this program).
  • Dining Services and Cleaning Services are part of the Green Select Certified Program, which requires that 95% of green cleaning products are Green Seal Certified (Green Seal/Environmental Choice Certified). Cleaning Services has switched to Green Seal Certified
  • Paper towels are 100% recovered content used by Cleaning Services
  • Replacement of older equipment with more energy efficient models such as: copiers/scanners, multi-purpose machines, computers, notebook computers, light bulbs, LED lighting, fax machines, appliances and programmable thermostats. Ink-Jet printers being phased out.
  • Campus departments encouraged to buy Earth Friendly paper as certified by Forest Stewardship council
  • Environmental Performance Requirements used in procurement contracts for cleaning, landscaping and building materials