Implemented - January 2014.

Single stream recycling is now deployed to the TU campus. Single stream (also known as "fully commingled") recycling refers to a system in which all paper fibers and containers are mixed together in a collection truck, instead of being sorted into separate commodities (newspaper, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc. Single stream allows TU students and employees to recycle larger portions of their waste. For example, single stream accepts all types of plastics, glass, and tin. This process is also simpler as individuals will no longer need to sort their recyclables, instead they will only have to have two containers: trash and recyclables. This project is being deployed to campus. The TU facilities department is currently in the process of re-labeling recycling containers and to show that all recyclables can be deposited into blue bins.


Major efforts have been made campus wide to make recycling options available. Below are specific details about where specific items can be recycled. In addition to the locations listed below in the On-Campus Recycling Center, TU has the following initiatives:

  • Recycling bins have been added to the Reynolds Center and Chapman Stadium to recycle during athletic events
  • Yard waste collected in the West Yard. This yard waste is taken to the City of Tulsa's collection site where it is turned into mulch that can be used by the city
  • Dell Computer Recycling Program - TU electronics recycling averages 43,025 lbs  annually through Dell's Asset Recovery Services
  • Approximately 25-32% waste diverted from traditional waste: cardboard, batteries, glass, plastic, aluminum, steel, antifreeze, waste oil and fluorescent lights (including 5% for grease)
  • One part-time Sustainability Officer - 5 part-time staff and 2 students to sort recycling- recycling pick up done by janitorial staff of many
  • West Yard of Physical Plant (2006) and bike shop (2006) dedicated to sustainability
  • 100% of buildings have some designated recycling areas
  • Recyclemania participation

On-Campus Recycling Center

Single Stream Blue Bins with Black Lids and Paper Recycling Boxes TU Recycles

In all buildings and most events including athletic events on campus at Reynolds Center. 55 recycle bins reside in Chapman Stadium/Commons - recycling on campus includes plastic (1-7), aluminum cans, paper and glass bottles in targeted areas and paperboard/cardboard, motor oil/antifreeze, fluorescent bulbs and batteries in the physical plant. University recycling center collects approximately 200,000 lbs/year. University receives approximately $7K in revenue from recyclers for materials.

aluminum cans Apartments, ResHalls, Academic Buildings rinse and crush; no aluminum foil
paper Apartments, ResHalls, Academic Buildings clean and dry; no paperboard
plastic type 1 Apartments, ResHalls, Academic Buildings "clear" plastics (soda and water bottles) with caps removed
plastic type 2 Apartments, ResHalls, Academic Buildings "opaque" plastics (detergent and milk jugs) with caps removed
plastic types 3-7 Apartments, ResHalls, Academic Buildings "any" plastic numbered 3-7 with caps removed
glass bottles Apartments, ResHalls, Academic Buildings clean and sorted into green, brown or clear bottles and jars
paperboard, cardboard Apartments, ResHalls, Academic Buildings clean and not immediately "tearable" (cereal boxes, shipping boxes); no pizza boxes
motor oil, antifreeze Physical Plant Mechanics
fluorescent bulbs Physical Plant Supply
batteries Physical Plant- Steve Caywood and Blue House D-Cell, C-Cell, AA, AAA, 9-Volt and button cell batteries. Cell phone batteries.
Cell phones / electronics Physical Plant- Steve Caywood

Print Cartridges Vendor WordCom Inc. 918-582-8844
Steel (Appliances and raw materials) Physical Plant West Yard BORG Recycling Container

Pro-Tainers - 11 units in centralized locations on campus

Norman Village west of Building 600, across from Clubhouse (US North)
USA West south of Building 1600, north of Collins Fitness Center
USA South center of parking lots
Mayo Village west parking lot, east of Delaware
Lorton Village South parking lot
Brown Village South parking lot
Brown Village Middle Parking Area by Dumpster
John Mabee Northeast side of building
Lottie Jane Southeast side of building
LaFortune South East side of building
Fisher South Courtyard beside Dumpster
Fisher West Parking lot
Phillips Hall Cardboard (only) Corral
Keplinger Cardboard (only) Corral
West Park Apartments Single Stream, all materials.


West Park Apartment Recycling Center