Marketing and PR

The Office of University Relations provides a full range of news, marketing and public relations services to all campus clients. Please contact the director of University Relations or communications specialist assigned to your college, department, or academic support unit for assistance. (To obtain your areas contact, please call University Relations at 918-631-2309, or e-mail

Important: Please inform your news and marketing manager of potential story ideas or events as soon as possible for promotion via internal (campus) or external news media.

News/Public Relations Services

Story/photo tips - With your help, we generate story and photo ideas for area newspapers and television stations. To submit a news tip, please fill out our Online News Tip form.

Media relations - UR responds locally and nationally to reporters and editors who seek authoritative sources of information for their stories.

Campus events - Please notify the media relations manager assigned to your college or division with information about events you are planning in the upcoming academic year. We will ensure your event receives the publicity it deserves and is listed on the appropriate calendars both off and on campus, including appropriate online event calendars.

Interviews - If you are called upon to be interviewed by the media, your media relations contact can provide you with interview tips and media training.

Op-eds - UNIR's "op-ed" program encourages faculty members to write opinion-editorial articles for local and national publications. Your media relations contact can provide you with tips on how to write an "op-ed," will edit your article if you wish, and will distribute it to carefully selected media outlets.

Display advertising - If you're interested in placing a display advertisement to promote an event or program, contact your media relations manager. The Office of University Relations will produce a camera-ready copy of the advertisement. Each department is responsible for contacting an advertising representative at the newspaper (or other media outlet), reserving space, and paying for the ad.

Classified advertising - Each department on campus is responsible for placing its own classified employment advertising with approval from the Office of Personnel.