Event Calendar

The University Events Calendar provides a one-stop source of event information for University of Tulsa students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the local community.

The events calendar provides a comprehensive listing of official University-sponsored events including, lectures, exhibitions, meetings, cultural events and other activities. The calendar encourages communication and community within TU, provides more comprehensive information about the University to the external world, and helps serve the University's educational and research missions. The calendar is maintained by the Offices of University Relations and Information Services, with assistance from content managers campus-wide.

To submit an event for consideration, please complete this web form.

Event Submission Guidelines

What is an event?

Events include lectures, workshops, meetings, training programs, arts events, sporting events, social events, and academic deadlines. They may include on-campus events or selected off-campus events sponsored by a TU group. These events may be open to the general public, the TU community or a segment of the TU community. Since the Calendar can be viewed by the general public, anyone submitting an event needs to specify who can attend the event if it is not open to the public or to the entire TU community. This should be done in the "audience" field of the submission form.

How can I post an event?

Anyone may submit an event to any of the 20 calendars. However, each calendar requires an approval before it will be published to the web site.

Directly above the first Saturday of the month you will see a "submit event" button. Simply click that button and fill out the form, completing as many fields as you can in order to assure the most accurate information.

Event Eligibility

Currently, the following events cannot be posted to the TU Events Calendar:

  • On-campus events that are hosted by someone who is not a member of the TU community.
  • A personal event.
  • Department or organization events whose details should not be visible to a wide audience.

Restrictions on postings

Calendar Editors have the authority to decline to post inappropriate events. They may remove events that are:

  • Illegal (after conferring with legal counsel)
  • In conflict with TU policy
  • Not an event, by definition
  • Past the mandatory 48 hour deadline. All events must be submitted AT LEAST two business days before they occur.

Posting Guidelines

  • Anyone may submit an event to the events calendar for consideration.
  • Events will be reviewed by a calendar editor, who may reject an event if it is not appropriate or is not related to that particular calendar.
  • Events need to be submitted at least two business days prior to the actual event date.
  • Submissions received with less than two business days advance notice may not get approved.
  • Events cannot be entered more than 365 days prior to the event date.
  • The web event submission form will generate an error message and will not be submitted unless all required fields are filled in.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I use this to schedule a room for my event?

No. The TU Events Calendar is NOT designed for scheduling facilities. You must go through your normal channels to schedule a facility.

How long does it take for my event to appear in the calendar?

It takes approximately two business days for an event to appear in the TU Events Calendar.

What kind of events will appear in the TU Events Calendar?

The calendar is designed for non-course-related events that are sponsored by a University department or registered student organization.

What happens to my event request once I hit submit?

Your event submission goes into the TU Events Calendar as a pending request. Email is sent to a calendar editor who either accepts or rejects your request.

Why would my request be rejected?

Your event request would be rejected if:

  • The facility and/or event was not properly scheduled
  • Your request was not a University-sponsored event
  • Someone else has already submitted a similar request 

Why do some events have links to web pages and others do not?

When events are submitted, the author has the option of entering URL's (WWW addresses). Therefore, some events will contain links to other web pages while others will not. Note: you must enter the complete URL to make the link active. Example: http://www.utulsa.edu (www.utulsa.edu will not be active)

Where are Academic Calendar events, such as Spring Break, located?

That information is listed in the Academic Dates/Holidays calendar.

Whom do I contact if I have further questions?

Any questions may be directed to events@utulsa.edu