Publication Services

The Office of University Relations produces more than 500 carefully targeted publications each year for its campus clients, including magazines, annual reports, newsletters, brochures, flyers, posters, advertisements, and more.

To initiate a new publication project, contact the Creative Director at 631-2365.

Did You Know?

Many publications produced by the Office of University Relations have received major local and national awards, including the Addy (Advertising Federation), Silver Link (Public Relations Society of America), Graphex, CASE, and Admission Marketing Awards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Publications

How much lead time is required to produce a publication?

This is the most important question we are asked. The time to complete a typical publication is 30 to 60 working days depending upon its scope (six to ten weeks). Multi-image, multi-page publications will require additional lead and production time. To help us serve you better, please call us as soon as possible to schedule your publication.

Remember, producing a publication can be a time-consuming process. Much of the time allotted to your publication will be spent soliciting bids, ordering paper and ink, scheduling photography, contacting outside vendors, developing graphic design, and editing and proofing copy.

If you have several publications to be produced in an academic year, please ask us about our Annual Publication Planner for offices on campus with high-volume publication needs. This will help ensure that your publications are produced on time.

What if I can't get my project to UNIR within the required lead time?

UNIR staff members will do their best to ensure your project is printed by the time you need it. However, we're restricted by the amount of time required by an off-campus vendor (printer) to produce your publication.

In addition, UNIR serves multiple campus clients at all times and is unable to "bump" other projects for projects that are submitted late. If you're late with a project, please call us. We can work with you to arrive at a solution to help make your program or event a success!

What do I need to know before I meet with UNIR representatives?

To help us serve you better, please consider these questions: Who is the audience for the publication? What purpose does the publication serve? When do you need it? What is your budget for the project?

Who will write the copy for my publication?

You will be asked to supply the copy. UNIR's staff will help fine tune, edit, and proofread your copy.

How does UNIR select the printer for my publication?

UNIR's graphic designers solicit three competitive bids for all university publications and usually select the printer who supplys the lowest bid (depending upon desired turn-around time, quality of press, and other factors.) UNIR will work with the printer to ensure your project is delivered to you on a timely basis. You will handle the mailing of your publication.

Does UNIR charge for its services?

The Office of University Relations does charge for time and materials (including photography) to produce your publication at rates that are significantly more cost-effective than using an outside agency.

Can I use an off-campus publications or public relations service?

Official university policy requires that all publications and public relations projects be coordinated by the Office of University Relations to ensure consistent editorial and graphic standards. In some cases, projects may be handled by outside firms with UNIR serving as liaision to ensure editorial and graphic integrity. In the rare event that UNIR cannot complete your project by the desired date, we will supply you with contacts who can produce your publication.