USA General Information

USA Board

Members of the board are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Community Service Committee Chairperson, School Service Committee Chairperson, Fundraising Committee Chairperson, Classroom Service Committee Chairperson, and Member-at-Large.  As members of the University School Association (USA), all University School parents and staff members are eligible to become officers.  The offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Member-at-Large are elected each May for the following school year.

2011-2012 Officers and Board Members
President - Leslie Gore
Vice President - Jeffrey Holman
Secretary - Jackie Hubner
Treasurer - Steven Daniels
Member-at-Large - Jill Johnson

Committee Chairs
Overall Fundraising - Jill Doerflinger
Community Service - Beth and David Goswick
School Service - Angela Johnson
Classroom Representatives - Angel Kymes and Melissa Hamby
Funding the Future - Piper and Deacon Turner
30th Anniversary - Julie Carson
Jog-A-Thon - Jackie Hubner and Kathy Moore
Book Fairs - Angie Gallant
Vision - Jennifer Zandbergen

Responsibilities of the University School Association

It is the responsbility of the USA to uphold the mission and goals of University School.  Its purpose is to coordinate parent involvement in the learning process and to enhance the school's budget and/or provide added student services through its fundraising efforts.  USA members represent the organization and our school as they interact within the community to enhance fundraising, public relations, and school spirit.  Funds raised are earmarked for a variety of areas.  They include technology, scholarships, classroom needs, staff development, field trips, butterfly garden, and miscellaneous improvement projects.

USA Board Mission and Purpose

To facilitate a strong partnershipa mong student families, school administrators, and professional staff to ensure and enrich a successful educational experience for University School students.

Purpose with action steps:

  • To help build an effective communication bridge between student families and school administrators.
  • To conduct a family survey each year and prepare a report for the USA members and administration.
  • To collect information and feedback from USA members and committees, meet with school administration (two to four times per year), and make recommendations regarding fundraising, school policies, etc.
  • Determine with school administration how funds are to be solicited and spent.
  • Prepare a follow-up report to be presented at a USA meeting.  Provide a copy of the report to parents with the USA minutes.

USA Membership Meetings

Meetings for the USA membership are held approximately ten times per year.  They include at least three evening meetings with the remainder being luncheon meetings.

USA Luncheon Meetings
USA meetings are held during the school year.  Luncheon meetings are held monthly, except for the months in which an evening meeting is scheduled.  All parents are welcome.  At each meeting, the director will address issues and concerns of parents.  Meetings may feature a guest speaker, and committee chairs will give reports.  Teachers often come to the meetings to answer questions and provide curriculum information.  Other business may include plans for fundraisers and classroom parties.