SiteCore CMS

The University has implemented a Web Content Management System (SiteCore CMS) to simplify the management of TU's web presence. SiteCore is a browser based application with a look and feel much like microsoft word or adobe acrobat, using simple and familar icons. This tool removes the technical barrier to managing web sites, allowing users to add and edit content with no knowledge of html.

SiteCore was selected based on industry research, user demonstrations, conversations with peer institutions, evaluation of several systems and assessment of TU's unique needs. Sitecore was selected because of its ease of use, flexibility and technical superiority.

The majority of TU's public web site is now managed by users across campus using SiteCore. We will continue to migrate sites into the CMS based on their level of complexity and need for integration with legacy systems.

In advance of your site migration, we will meet with you to discuss how SiteCore will fit within your Web development plans.

We're excited about this opportunity to improve our online communication and technology, and we look forward to continued collaboration with the campus community.