Personal Odyssey

I.   Pricing

The cost is $195 per course within the Personal Odyssey curriculum.  The cost includes a University of Tulsa identification card.  The ID card is necessary to check books out of the University library and to use the Computer Resource Center.  Students will not, however, be able to access the University’s database off campus.

II.   Discounts

The Division of Lifelong Learning offers several opportunities for 10% discounts. If you are an alumnus or if you enroll in two or more classes, you will receive 10% off of your enrollment fee.  Discounts are not stackable.

III.   Dates

The Spring 2014 Personal Odyssey semester begins January 13 and ends the last day of classes before finals, April 28.  There will be no class Martin Luther King Day (January 20).

IV.   Drop/Add Policy

January 24, 2014, is the deadline to enroll or to change your enrollment.  You may withdraw until this date and receive a full refund.  You may add an additional class or switch your enrollment to another course until this date.  Refunds cannot be given after January 31, 2014.  

V.   Parking and Student I.D.

The fee for a campus parking permit is $25.  This permit grants participants access to the University shuttle lots at the Reynolds Center, and at 8th and Harvard.  Shuttle Service will be available from both lots to different campus locations.  The parking permit and I.D. card can be purchased at the Parking Permit Center in Twin Tower Hall, located off 8th Street and Evanston Avenue, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.

VI.   Contact

Personal Odyssey Program IconFrances Najera

Manager of Non-Credit Programs

(918) 631-2937  




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