Acquisition and Disposal of Property and Equipment

We would like to remind you of the University of Tulsa Policy regarding the acquisition and disposal of property and equipment. The University has had a longstanding policy that no equipment can be acquired from any source, by any means, without processing through the Purchasing Office and the Director of Purchasing. Purchasing of any equipment must follow the procedure outlined in the Purchasing Procedures Manual. The Purchasing Procedures Manual can be found at

In addition, no property or equipment can be disposed of without prior approval of the University Business Manager. If you have departmental equipment which is surplus to your needs, please report the surplus to the Office of the Director of Purchasing. The Purchasing Office may know of other departments on campus needing your surplus equipment.

This policy applies not only to equipment and property being purchased, but also to property and equipment donated by companies, donors, or governmental agencies.

It is extremely important that an accurate property and equipment record be maintained by the University. This is necessary for our financial statements, audits, insurance, utilization reports, and other purposes.