Disclosure of Invention


Invention recognition or identification is the critical initial stage prior to the written Disclosure of Invention. In order to assess the situation, ask the following two questions: 1) is the discovery new, and 2) is the discovery or finding useful? An affirmative answer to both of these questions requires a Disclosure of Invention be submitted to the University Intellectual Property Committee through your Department Chair and Collegiate Dean, after you have discussed your invention with them. Inventions include new equipment, processes, or compositions of matter or organisms; improvements of existing technology; or new applications of existing equipment, processes, or organisms.

Disclosing your invention to the University does not prohibit publication of your research, but publication or public disclosure prior to submitting the Disclosure of Invention to the University Intellectual Property Committee and filing the patent application may affect the securing of U.S. and foreign patent rights. Public disclosure, such as an oral presentation to one or more individuals who are not University of Tulsa colleagues, media coverage, correspondence to a friend, publication, etc., accelerates the necessity to process a patent application in order to protect U.S. patent rights. A discussion with colleagues within your department or with university committees that have a "need to know" (e.g., Department Chair, Collegiate Dean, University Intellectual Property Committee) does not constitute a public disclosure. A U.S. patent application must be filed within one year of public disclosure in order to protect U.S. patent rights; world-wide patent rights are adversely affected or lost if publication or public disclosure precedes the patent application in other countries.

Please use the following format for filing a "Disclosure of Invention."




As required by the Intellectual Property Policy and Intellectual Property Agreement between the undersigned and The University of Tulsa, for your consideration there follows and is attached hereto information concerning a potentially patentable invention which I conceived or brought into practice during the period of my employment by the University:

  1. Descriptive title of invention:

  2. Inventor:

    1. Name:
    2. Rank and department:
    3. Office address and telephone number:
    4. Permanent address:

    5. Co-inventor(s): (Same information as 2 above)

    6. Invention:

      1. Description: (Drawings, photos, and reports or manuscripts will be helpful.)
      2. Earliest date and place of conception:
      3. Date and place of first sketch, drawing, or photo:
      4. What are immediate/future applications of the invention?
      5. Why is the invention superior or preferable to present technology? What are its innovative features? What problems does it solve?
      6. Is work on the invention continuing? Are there limitations to be overcome or further development required prior to practical application?
      7. Have equipment, compositions, etc. been made and tested? Are any test data available?

      8. Disclosure of invention to others:

        1. Names, titles, and addresses of others involved with invention:
        2. Has invention been disclosed in an abstract, paper, talk, news story or a thesis?
          i.    Form of disclosure:
          ii.   Dates and places of disclosure:
        3. Were signatures obtained from persons to whom disclosures were made? (Answer yes or no. The signatures indicate that the disclosure was witnessed. Witnesses serve to corroborate the inventor in the case of a patent interference action.)
        4. Is a publication or other disclosure planned within the next eight months?
          i.    Form of disclosure:
          ii.   Dates and places of disclosure:

        5. Are you aware of any related developments by others? If "yes" please give documentation. Copies of any relevant patents or publications would be helpful.

        6. Complete explanation, with dates, of support provided by the University of Tulsa, such as use of facilities, financial support, or other support services utilized, in whole or in part, in development of this invention. Other support services may include secretarial assistance, use of library, photocopying, computer software, or on-line research resources outside the funded area.

        7. Support of others (industry, government agency, foundation, or other external sponsor):

          1. Name of sponsoring agency:
          2. Number of contract or grant:
          3. Has the invention been disclosed to industry representatives? If "yes", please provide details, including dates, names of companies, and their representatives.

          4. Assignment to the University:

            I do hereby assign to The University of Tulsa all rights I possess in the above described invention in accordance with my promise to so assign as expressed in the Intellectual Property Agreement between the undersigned and the University.

            I further agree to notify the Intellectual Property Committee of any substantial change in the invention described above and, if so required, to execute new assignment therein.

            In consideration of this agreement, I agree to share royalties accrued in accordance with the provisions of the Research and Intellectual Property Policy of the University.



            Signed by Inventor



            Signed by Co-Inventor(s)