Faculty Development Summer Fellowship Program Guidelines


Cover Sheet & Application

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Award Notice for Faculty Development Summer Fellowship For Current Fiscal Year



The purpose of this program is to stimulate and enrich scholarship and research by providing support for selected faculty members to work full time on a significant and specific project during the summer. Scholarship and research proposals are expected to define a specific project which will ultimately result in a publication, presentation, performance, show, or proposal for external funding support of future scholarship. Fellowships are intended for, but not restricted to, the support of faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor. We encourage you to call Dr. Janet Haggerty at (918) 631-2304 or Debra Owen at (918) 631-2714 if you have any questions about your project.


Full-time faculty of The University of Tulsa who are tenured or tenure-track may apply for a Faculty Development Summer Fellowship; however, given the developmental purpose of the program, proposals from full professors will only be considered in unusual circumstances based on significant justification from the Collegiate Dean. This justification should address, in detail, the rationale for using scarce University resources to “develop” a full professor.

The recipient of such a fellowship must remain at the University for at least the following academic year. A recipient who fails to meet this requirement assumes an obligation to repay the fellowship. An applicant who has received a previous award, but failed to submit the required report in a timely fashion, will not be considered for another award for the following summer. Recipients may not receive other University salary compensation during the summer (e.g., teaching a summer course) unless an exception is approved by the Provost. Recipients may, however, seek and receive supplementary funding from external sources to support their scholarships.


Each award will be the equivalent to at least l0% of the faculty member's nine-month salary. The University Faculty Development Fund will provide $3,500 with any balance being provided by the college. The Collegiate Dean may increase the level of the award to a maximum of l5% of the faculty member's nine-month salary. It is anticipated that approximately 20 of these awards will be made each summer. These fellowships are not tax exempt.
Faculty members receiving these fellowships will have access to normal University summer support such as the use of laboratory equipment, machine shops, supplies, computer, and secretarial assistance. Recipients will receive a $500 research support grant from the University which may be used for travel, supplies, and duplication and publication costs associated with the research, but may not be used for salary.


While no specific application form is required, each applicant must submit a completed cover page and a narrative proposal that is not to exceed five (5) typewritten (no smaller than 15 characters per inch), double-spaced pages, which clearly outlines his or her intended activity and a statement which describes the significance of the work to the individual, the discipline, and the University. If these guidelines are not met at the college level, the application will not be considered for funding. The proposal should be written in language that may be understood by a reader from outside the discipline.

Proposals listing multiple P.I.s are not accepted. Each individual must submit a separate standalone proposal, but indicate that the work is related to a colleague’s proposal and how it is related. Funding of one proposal in the related research, does not necessitate funding all proposals in the related research. A faculty member may not submit more than one proposal, nor receive simultaneous funding for the same project from a Faculty Research Grant.

We remind you that if your project involves the use of human subjects and you have not yet obtained TU Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, you must also submit the necessary forms/documents for approval at the same time your proposal is submitted to your Dean. IRB approval/review is necessary for any human subjects research including (but not limited to) surveys (either paper or via the Internet), interviews, sports or medical procedures, and the use of existing data identifiable to specific individuals. The application forms and instructions can be found on our website or by clicking here for “Protection of Human Subjects." IRB application packets (forms, surveys, informed consent forms, etc.) should be sent directly to Carmen Schaar-Walden in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. If you have any questions concerning the use of human subjects, you may contact Carmen at x3310 or carmen-schaar-walden@utulsa.edu. If IRB approval has previously been obtained you must include the IRB approval letter with your application.

If your research involves the use of animals, please include the approved protocol number assigned by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) on the application form. If you have not received approval or submitted a protocol, please refer to the IACUC website by clicking here. You may contact Carmen Schaar-Walden at x3310 or via e-mail at carmen-schaar-walden@utulsa.edu if you have any questions about your project in this regard. If you have not yet submitted your protocol to the IACUC for approval, you must submit the necessary forms/documents at the same time your proposal is submitted.

If your research involves the use of infectious agents, select agents and toxins, human or endothermic vertebrate materials (including blood, body fluids, cells and tissues), recombinant DNA, synthetic nucleic acid molecules or transgenic animals, the protocol may require Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) review and approval. Please contact Dr. Estelle Levetin at x2764 or estelle-levetin@utulsa.edu if your research involves any of these items. If IBC approval is necessary, a protocol must be submitted with this application.

Faculty working with chemicals must attend a Laboratory Standard Training Session once every three years while at The University of Tulsa. It is advisable to view the module on WebCT training; for access email marty-phillips@utulsa.edu. If that is not possible, the training may be obtained by viewing a video, which is available through Marty Phillips at x2111 or via email at marty-phillips@utulsa.edu.


1. Cover Sheet. This should be the first page the reviewer sees.
2. A clear and concise abstract of the proposal.
3. A narrative proposal as defined on the first page of the “Guidelines” must include each of the following:

  (a) A statement of the project’s significance and relationship to other work in the field;
  (b) An indication of the place of this proposal in the applicant’s career development;
  (c) An explanation, where applicable, of the contribution the project will make to the applicant’s teaching;
  (d) A description of the specific activities planned for the fellowship period;
  (e) A copy of the applicant’s current vita.  



Each discipline chairperson will submit ranked recommendations to the collegiate dean and the dean will submit ranked recommendations to the Faculty Development Summer Fellowship Selection Committee. These recommendations should indicate the importance and significance of the research and how it relates to the goals of the department and college. The support of the Collegiate Dean is imperative because the Dean may be asked to provide financial support for the award. All applications and related information will be judged and ranked according to merit by the selection committee.
The committee will be composed of one faculty member each from the Collins College of Business and the College of Law, and two faculty members each from the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences. The Committee members will be appointed by the Vice Provost for Research. Appointments are for 4-year terms, and ideally only three members will be appointed every other year. Committee members will be ineligible to submit proposals. The Vice Provost for Research will serve as ex-officio member of the committee and as Chair. The final selection of recipients will be determined by the Vice Provost. Recipients of the summer fellowships will be expected to file a report with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs by the first day of October following the summer award.


In order to receive consideration for a Faculty Development Summer Fellowship, the completed proposal must be submitted by October 15th to the Collegiate Dean. The Collegiate Dean will submit the proposals, ranked according to merit, to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, McClure Hall, Room 201, by November 1st. Announcement of the fellowship recipients will be made by November 30th.


A progress report (not to exceed one page) must be filed by the first day of October following the summer award. If a report is submitted after the October 1st deadline, the faculty member will not be eligible for a Faculty Development Summer Fellowship in the following summer. However, as long as a report is filed, albeit late, the faculty member will be eligible to apply for further support after skipping one year. An applicant who has received an award but failed to submit the required report will not be considered for another award. The report should be submitted via email to the Vice Provost for Research, and a hard copy should be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Approved by Research Council: 7May 2014
Approved by Deans Council: 8 May 2014