Faculty Travel with External Support


Faculty Travel Application (.doc template)


Faculty members with ongoing, externally-sponsored research are eligible for assistance, when funds are available, with round-trip airfare to attend one professional meeting per fiscal year, not to exceed $1,000.  The faculty member must be tenured, tenure-track, or applied professors and have external funding.  The purpose of this support is for faculty development, therefore visiting or adjunct faculty members are ineligible.  Only the Principal Investigator (PI) is eligible, not the co-PIs.

Applications for support may be submitted throughout the year for review, and must be made prior to the travel.  If the proposed trip involves travel abroad, the applicant is strongly recommended to contact the Center for Global Education regarding international travel insurance.

Faculty requesting travel support must complete the form by clicking here or clicking the application link at the top of this page. Application forms must be signed by the faculty member, the Department Chairperson and the Collegiate Dean.  Completed requests for travel support may be scanned and emailed to Debra Owen at debra-owen@utulsa.edu in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  Approval of the request will be determined by Janet Haggerty, Vice Provost for Research.

Once travel assistance is approved, funds will be transferred to the department’s discretionary account, where they can be used to purchase the ticket in advance of travel or to reimburse faculty member upon return.  

Please note that University policy stipulates that reimbursement requests must be made within 30 days of a purchase.  The end of the fiscal year is an exception; any expenses incurred in June must be submitted for reimbursement within June or no later than the first week of July.