ORSP Policy on JIP-Consortia Projects

v  Procedure for Continuing JIP/Consortia:

Ø  The Principal Investigators/Project Assistants will complete a “JIP-Consortia Request to Invoice Form” [1] annually and send it to the Coordinator of Grants and Contracts responsible for their project.  If applicable, an Internal Approval Form (IAF), Conflict of Interest Form(s) (COI), and current budget should be attached to the invoicing form.  This list will consist of current members’ names, addresses, and other pertinent information for invoicing purposes.  The list must include ALL member companies in order for the ORSP to check JIP/Consortia records and report accurate numbers on the ORSP’s monthly and annual reports. [2]

Ø  If a Purchase Order (PO)/Contract Reference Number is required for invoicing, it will be necessary to contact the company at least one month before the invoice is sent. The PI/Project Assistant may obtain the PO/Contract Reference Number from the company representative, or they may provide contact information to the ORSP, Coordinator of Accounts Receivable, so that the Coordinator may obtain the required information from the company.  Please notify the ORSP if the PI/Project Assistant will be making the request for this information and insure that the PO/Contract Reference Number is sent to the ORSP.

v  Procedure for New (start-up) JIP/Consortia:

Ø  After the appropriate documents have been processed through the ORSP Pre-Award office (Internal Approval Form, Conflict of Interest Form, budget, and work plan) and all the required paperwork has been approved and signed, the Coordinator of G&C will prepare the new Letters of Agreement for the signature of the VP for Research.

Ø   At this time the Principal Investigators/Project Assistants will complete a “JIP-Consortia Request to Invoice Form”1 and send it to Coordinator of G&C to process.


v  Coordinator of Grants & Contracts Responsibilities:

Ø  Coordinator of G&C will determine if ORSP has a fully-executed copy of the Letter of Agreement, Addendums, Letters of Understanding, etc.

Ø  If no fully-executed Letter of Agreement, Addendums, and Letters of Understanding exist, the Coordinator of G&C will contact the Principal Investigator/Project Assistant for the project and determine what paperwork has to be sent to the company before invoicing occurs.

Ø  New Letters of Agreement for New (start/up) JIP/Consortia will be prepared and approved by the Coordinator of G&C responsible for the project.


v  Coordinator of Accounts Receivable Responsibilities:

Ø  After the Coordinator of G&C approves the completed list for invoicing, the list is sent to the Coordinator of Accounts Receivable for preparation of the invoices. 

Ø  The invoices are then returned to the Coordinator of G&C for final approval before being sent to member companies.

[1] The “JIP-Consortia Request to Invoice Form” is available on the ORSP’s website.

[2] In the unusual event that annual JIP/Consortia membership is to be paid with an in-kind contribution, the nature of the contribution must be thoroughly documented including a detailed justification of the company’s contribution.  This in-kind membership must also be approved by the Principal Investigator, Dean of the College, and the Director of Research and Sponsored Programs.