Outside Employment Policy


Outside Employment Report (.doc template)

Outside employment is defined as additional employment by a full-time faculty member during the University contract period for which outside compensation is paid. This employment, including consulting and advisory services, should be of such a nature that it will add to the professional status of both the faculty member and the University of Tulsa. Compensation must be at a level consistent with the professional qualifications of the faculty member. Honoraria for lectures or literary articles, private income from investments, and royalties from books or patents are not considered compensation for outside employment.

A faculty member should not undertake outside employment if such work is competitive with typical University services, and could be readily undertaken through University sponsorship (this includes a personal business). If a faculty member’s outside employment involves an area of overlap with the existing or anticipated research conducted through the University, then rights to discoveries, invention, or patents that result may be claimed by the University of Tulsa. (See the University of Tulsa Research and Patent Policy, Section II, Item 4.)

Many universities consistently recognize one day a week as an acceptable limit of time that can be devoted to outside employment. This standard should be used as a basis for scheduling outside work. Outside employment must not interfere with the faculty member’s performance of duties to the University of Tulsa. The principal responsibility of the faculty of the University of Tulsa is to the education of its students, undergraduate and graduate. Therefore, the lack of preparation for classes and the missing of classes for the purpose of outside employment, as consulting or teaching of short courses, is specifically prohibited. The faculty member may not utilize the time and services of other University personnel in performing outside employment, except after hours and for separate compensation. Prior written approval by the Department Chair (or Collegiate Dean, if the contracting consultant is the Chair) of both the faculty member and, if a different department, that of the other University personnel to be employed must be obtained.

A faculty member planning to engage in outside employment will complete the requested information outlined below and submit this form for approval before any commitments to provide the services are made. This approval form must be filled out annually for outside employment which continues from one academic year to the next.