Faculty Development Summer Fellowship Award Notice

Announcement of Awards for Faculty Development Summer Fellowships


Janet Haggerty, Vice Provost for Research, is pleased to announce the 2014 Faculty Development Summer Fellowship recipients: 



Salvatore Aurigemma             Accounting / MIS

Miriam Belmaker                    Anthropology

Patty Bick                              Finance, Operations Mgmt. & Int'l Business

Warren Booth                        Biological Science

Briggs Buchanan                    Anthropology

Anna Carpenter                     Law

Justin M. Chalker                   Chemistry and Biochemistry

Matthew Crook                      Finance, Operations Mgmt. & Int'l Business

Daniel Farmun                       Art

Matthew Hindman                  Political Science

Erin Iski                                Chemistry and Biochemistry

Junran Li                              Geosciences

Maria Maurer                         Art

Robert McAlear                      English

Jose Miranda-Lopez               Accounting / MIS

Kristin Fleur Olds                   Art History

Yusi Ouyang                         Economics

Jeffery Paul                          Management and Marketing

Joshua Schultz                      Mechanical Engineering

Mohammad Shahvali             Petroleum Engineering

Eunha Shim                         Mathematics

Brian Walkup                       Finance, Operations Mgmt. & Int'l Business


Success in this competition speaks well for the applicants’ proposals and for their colleagues’ confidence that they will make significant contributions to the scholarship in their fields.


Congratulations to all.