Research Integrity, Compliance and Certification

As scholars and would be scholars, how should we conduct ourselves in our professional lives? Each of us must answer this question for themselves, but one would hope that a common response would be that we should act honestly, responsibly and with integrity.

Compliance and the Responsible Conduct of Research (Research Integrity) is a broad category of ideas for the ethical conduct of research. This includes Research Compliance with state and federal regulations including requirements for sound fiscal management, protection of human subjects, proper care for research animals and compliance with export control regulations.

Responsible Conduct of Research (or Research Integrity) includes compliance with regulation as well as professional and ethical conduct issues such as Management of Conflict of Interest, Publication Practices and Data Acquisition and Management issues along with the honest presentations of all research results (both in data records and formal publications), thoughtful and appropriate use of statistics, and the appropriate recognition of the work of others.

Connection to TU’s Mission

Both Compliance and the Responsible Conduct of Research are central to the Mission of The University of Tulsa. The core values of “excellence in scholarship, dedication to free inquiry” and “integrity of character” as presented in the Mission Statement demand that research at The University of Tulsa be conducted ethically, with the highest level of integrity and with an openness that leads to excellence in research and a quality education for students. In part the university “achieves its mission by educating men and women of diverse backgrounds and cultures” to “behave ethically in all aspects of their lives”.

Ethical Challenges

As we conduct our research and pursue scholarly activities we will be faced by intellectual and technical challenges. But it is equally likely that we will also face challenges that are of a human and/or ethical nature. These pages have been created to hopefully assist you in thinking about this human component as well as compliance issues.