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Conflicts of interest in research are unavoidable and disclosure of a conflict of interest does not imply that one has done anything wrong.  But some conflicts of interest need to be carefully managed.  As indicated in the Office of Research Integrity book “Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research”, conflicts of interest that involve 1) financial gain, 2) work commitments, and 3) intellectual and personal matters should be dealt with carefully.

Financial conflicts of interest are of particular concern, especially if the potential rewards are “significant”. Real conflicts of interest create “tension between personal financial gain and adherence to the fundamental values of honesty, accuracy, efficiency, and objectivity” (see page 69 of .) Perceived conflicts of interest, whether real or not, undermine trust.  In many cases, financial conflict of interest can be dealt with by making full disclosures.

Relevant TU Policies and Documents

Disclosure and proper management of conflict of interest falls into the realm of ethical conduct of research.  You may be interested in reading the Ethical Conduct in Academic Research and Scholarship document from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. 

The University of Tulsa Faculty Senate approved a policy on Conflict of Interest for Government-Sponsored Programs in 2007.  That approved university policy can be found at: 

and the associated Academic Staff Member Financial Disclosure Form is located here.

The University of Tulsa Policies and Procedures Manual contains the TU Conflict of Interest Policy and is located at: 

and their Conflict of Interest questionnaire is at:

Also potentially relevant to the discussion is the secondary Employment policy from TU’s Policies and Procedures Manual at: 

and the Employment of Relatives policy from the same manual at:

Other Conflict of Interest Documents and Modules

The conflict of interest home page for the NIH contains valuable information and is located at:



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