Role of the Office

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs advises and assists the faculty in obtaining and administering externally funded sponsored projects and research grants and contracts, and administers faculty and student grant programs funded by the University.

The office serves as a center for information regarding research and sponsored programs funding sources, primary and intermediary contact with external sponsors and their contact personnel. The office administers and provides assistance in the preparation and submission of proposals, and management of grants and contracts following an award.

The ORSP is also responsible for University policies and procedures in relation to research and sponsored programs and should be used as a source of information. In particular, one should note that awards which TU receives frequently carry requirements and/or restrictions regarding publicity.

Often there is a clause in agreements that each party must request approval prior to using either parties name in any type of advertising or publications. If you are contemplating publicity regarding a particular award, it is necessary to contact the ORSP to ensure there are no special requirements or restrictions. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs exists to stimulate, facilitate, and coordinate research efforts and sponsored project activity. This web site was assembled to support student and faculty to supplement the individual assistance offered to you by the ORSP staff. Please notify the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (Ext. 3312, McClure Hall 205) as soon as you decide to submit a proposal so that we may provide the coordination necessary to insure the best chance for its eventual funding.

Research is the foundation of education. It is vital to your career and to the viability of The University of Tulsa. The University encourages and supports your research and sponsored program efforts.

Internal Funding Programs and Resources 

Research grant programs funded by the University and administered by ORSP are available to faculty and students.

Research grant programs funded by the University and administered by ORSP are available to faculty and students.

The Faculty Research Grant Program provides faculty with research support and the opportunity to obtain experience which may be helpful in attracting external sponsors. It also provides funds for small projects for which outside funds are not available.

The Faculty Development Summer Fellowship Program is a competitive campus-wide program designed to stimulate and enrich scholarship and research endeavors by providing the awarded faculty members with project funds and summer salary costs.

For details concerning applications for assistance with publication costs, see Faculty Publication, Juried Exhibition, and Subvention Costs in Internal Funding.

As student research is fundamentally important to our mission, the Student Research Grant Program makes available financial assistance to encourage students in this experience .

Other Support (for example: Cost Share, Equipment Purchases and Travel Costs)

Though funds are limited, with appropriate justification ORSP may provide additional support related to a proposed or continuing project for equipment, travel, other activities or cost share.

This office recognizes that these efforts may be essential to the initial award, or within reason, in order to continue a project. This additional funding must be done in cooperation with a department and the College Dean. Disciplines generating sponsored projects have priority for these resources.

Faculty members with ongoing externally sponsored research are eligible for assistance when funds are available, with round-trip air fare to attend one professional meeting per year.

All requests for equipment purchases and travel expenses should be carefully justified and presented in writing in advance through their Department Chair and the Collegiate Dean prior to submission to ORSP for approval. (See the Student Research Grant Program for information regarding student travel funds.)

Preparation and Submission of Proposals for External Sponsorship 

Assistance in preparation of proposals for sponsored program is provided by the ORSP, as well as support services such as copying, collating, and mailing of the proposal.

The office must be given five working days prior to a proposal deadline for electronic submission of proposals as well as copying, collating, and mailing. Otherwise the burden of completing these tasks falls to the investigator(s) desiring to submit the proposal and the ORSP cannot guarantee the electronic submission will be completed by the sponsor’s deadline.

All proposals prior to submission for external funding, regardless of the purpose, size, or source of the funds, must have their budgets checked in ORSP, and the internal approval form for external funding completed and signed by the Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator(s), Department Chairman, Collegiate Dean, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, and the appropriate authorizing officials in ORSP.

All approved proposals must be submitted by the ORSP unless other prior arrangements have been made. More detailed comments, suggestions, and guidance on proposal preparation, budget preparation, and proposal submission, are provided at the Pre-Award section of the website.

In addition to assistance with proposal preparation and submission, the ORSP also negotiates all contracts/agreements supporting the project and shall obtain the necessary authorized signature(s).

Management of the award upon acceptance and management of the grant or agreement

The management of externally funded projects (grants, consortia agreements, etc.) is a collaborative effort between the Principle Investigator(s) and the University.

Upon acceptance of a grant or contract, a Coordinator is assigned by ORSP to assist the Principal Investigator with the administration of the award. The Coordinators provide services to facilitate the awards which include: establishing a university account in order to process expenditures, interpreting sponsor guidelines, serving as intermediaries between project directors and the sponsor, reviewing all expenditure activity for compliance with university policies and sponsor guidelines.

In addition, the Coordinators serve as intermediaries between Project Directors and the sponsor in all communications pertaining to administrative changes, including and not limited to budget revisions, renewal awards, no-cost extensions, and changes in key personnel.

At the close of a grant or agreement, copies of all reports (technical, financial, and evaluative) need to be submitted through ORSP. Documentation must be maintained no less than three (3) years after FINAL acceptance of all administrative documents required by the sponsor.