Faculty Research Grant Program

The purpose of the Faculty Research Grant Program is to provide small grants in support of faculty research and scholarship. The maximum award under the Faculty Research Grant Program is $1,000 for each proposal. A grant recipient may hold only one grant at a time, but may seek additional support the following semester if the proposed work is completed and a final report has been submitted. Requests approaching this maximum amount should be significant proposals and ideally leading toward externally sponsored research.


Any full-time faculty member (including Instructor), Visiting Assistant Professor or higher, or Research Associate is eligible to apply for research support under this program. Adjunct faculty are not eligible. These grants are intended for, but not restricted to, the support of full-time faculty members on continuing appointment or in a continuing appointment eligible track.

Please contact Richard A. Redner at (918) 631-2634 or Debra Owen at (918) 631-2714 if you have questions or need assistance.

Faculty Research Grant Program for more information.

Application Form (.doc template)