Student Reseach and Travel Grants

The purpose of The University of Tulsa Student Research Grant Program is to provide assistance for students to engage in worthwhile research projects and presentations at professional meetings that otherwise may not be possible as a result of a lack of financial support. It is also hoped this grant program will open new areas of research, and stimulate more students to engage in research activities and to attend professional meetings.


Any graduate student or undergraduate is eligible to apply for research support under this program provided he or she is enrolled in a course for which credit for research is given. These courses include Independent Study, Research, and Thesis or Dissertation. Students in Arts and Humanities are encouraged to consider the definition of “research” in light of their own discipline. Enrolled students who are involved in TURC or other University sponsored research programs are also eligible.

Grant Amounts

Doctoral students enrolled in Research and Dissertation are eligible for awards up to $1000, with a cap of $2000 in total funding as a doctoral student. All other degree seeking students are eligible for individual research awards of up to $500, with a cap of $1000 in total funding while enrolled in a specific degree program. The maximum amount for a group research project is $1000. A grant recipient may hold only one grant at a time, but may seek additional support the following semester if the proposed work is completed and a final report has been submitted.

Student Research Grant Program Contact Richard A. Redner for more information.

Application Form (.doc template)

Application for Funds to Assist with Professional Presentations Form (.doc template)