Role of Research and Scholarship

Professor and student in labResearch is the intellectual core that drives everything the faculty, students and staff do at The University of Tulsa. It defines TU's role as a higher education institution, industry partner, and member of the local and international community.

Raising the Bar in Higher Education

The University emphasizes research because it naturally complements our primary teaching function.

TU offers professors and students the unique opportunity of being at a small, private university with large-school-level research resources. Our first-rate facilities and generous funding provide our faculty researchers with an ideal environment in which they can explore, discover, and create, keeping them at the forefront of their area of expertise. And our emphasis on student-faculty mentorship and small class sizes allows the faculty to inspire a new generation of researchers through students' active participation in funded projects.

Students at all levels are encouraged to engage in fundamental and applied research. Our award-winning programs in undergraduate research have jumpstarted exciting careers for our graduates and have positioned TU as a leader in nurturing large numbers students who receive nationally competitive scholarships. We take seriously our commitment to student-led research through internal and external support.

Measurable Results

We believe research is more than an isolated intellectual exercise. It's about finding practical solutions to real-world problems, empowering the local economy with new technology, and collaborating across disciplines on new areas of knowledge.

For more than 40 years, our Joint Industry Projects and Research Consortia have worked with some of the largest international energy companies in the world on solutions to problems impacting their businesses.

TU is also committed to growing our local economy through our work with local businesses. Our Institute for Information Security (iSec) has brought high tech careers to Tulsa and our Institute of Nanotechnology  is a key research partner in the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative.

Connecting to the Community

With our dedication to developing new areas of knowledge, we believe our emphasis on research enables us to be better citizens in our community. Whether it is a technological breakthrough that reopens shuttered oil wells in Oklahoma or our outreach to local families struggling with communication disorders, we are committed to investing our research in the community around us.

The University also has a special partnership with city-owned Gilcrease Museum. In 2008, the City of Tulsa transferred the management of the museum to TU. Vast opportunities exist for cooperation between the two entities in scholarship and research, especially in art, history, anthropology, and museum studies.

Find out what sets us apart as a research University. Take a moment to explore research at TU and the wealth of resources available to our faculty and students with big ideas and ambitious goals.