Statement from the President

Steadman UphamThe University of Tulsa transforms lives through knowledge. This is our vision, our goal, and the reality of what we accomplish when we do our jobs well. Our students share in this reality daily, but all of us are touched by this vision through the outreach activities of TU's talented faculty and staff.

Outreach is not just a word in our mission statement, it is the tangible result of aggressive technology-transfer programs and energetic teaching that touch the lives of citizens in every sector of society.

Much research in the United States, especially basic research, is done in universities by faculty members who work at the frontiers of knowledge. At The University of Tulsa, research lies at the heart of academic life, helping us to define a fundamental part of our mission as "the creation of knowledge."

But knowledge is not useful unless it is put to work. At the University of Tulsa, we make sure that the new knowledge we create—the inventions, discoveries, and artistic creations that emanate from our faculty—are presented to students as part of their academic course work. Because our faculty is actively expanding the frontiers of knowledge in every discipline, all TU students benefit from research conducted on campus.

We also work directly with business, industry, and government to transfer faculty inventions and discoveries to the commercial sector so our innovations and new knowledge can benefit the public. The scope and reach of this work is substantial and growing. Research and technology transfer are part of Tulsa's economic future.

But their importance goes beyond the City of Tulsa, affecting the lives of people around the world who may never have even heard of The University of Tulsa. That is the beauty of research. Much of it is transparent, integrated into the fabric of daily living. At the University of Tulsa, however, we understand that research is the foundation for learning and a key to the economy of the future.

– President Steadman Upham