Forms and Policies


Medical Withdrawal/Medical Leave of Absence Policies


Making a Disability Accommodation Request

To make a request for disability accommodations, at a minimum, students should submit the Application for Disability Services, the Intake Interview Form, and have their health care provider fill out the appropriate form (psychological or physical disabilities forms) or submit appropriate documentation as stipulated in the appropriate policy above (e.g., learning disability, psychological disability, physical disability, and/or ADHD). Students will then speak with a professional staff member at CSAS regarding their needs.


Once the Eligibility Committee meets and makes a decision regarding accommodations, students are required to meet with a professional staff member at CSAS to review their accommodations, discuss how to utilize them, and sign the Rights and Responsibilities form.


Utilizing Accommodations Each Semester 

Every semester, students will pick up letters to give to their professors which will indicate that the student wants to use their approved accommodations. Additionally, for specific accommodations that require service providers or materials, students need to submit an Accommodation Request Form before every semester (the earlier the better) to make arrangements for those accommodations (e.g., such as interpreters, CAN/CART providers, alternative textbook formats).


Procedures for Exam Accommodations 

To make arrangements for accommodations for exams, students must follow the procedures detailed in the Rights and Responsibilities document. In summary, this includes the following for EACH exam:

  • Gold Form must be given to CSAS at least 2 full business days before the exam date.  (For example, if a student has an exam on a Friday, the Gold Form must be submitted to CSAS by 5:00 pm (when CSAS closes) on the Tuesday preceding the exam. CSAS requires this time to make all accommodation arrangements. Students who do not follow these procedures will not be able to take the exam with CSAS at that time--no exceptions.) 
  • Gold Forms can be submitted in person, via fax (918-631-3459), or via email (
  • Student fills out top portion of Gold Form - delivers to instructor for time/date/signature/proctoring rules - student returns Gold Form to CSAS
  • Changes in Gold Forms require a new Gold Form or an email to CSAS from instructor
  • CSAS reserves the right to change exam times with instructor approval
  • Exams are administered at CSAS between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Exams that would go outside of this time frame must be changed to a time within CSAS working hours, with instructor approval. This will usually be prior to the exam time for the rest of the class.

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