Social Opportunities Program

Social Opportunities for The University of Tulsa Students within the Center for Student Academic Support

The University of Tulsa’s student population currently includes approximately 180 students who are registered with the Center for Student Academic Support with some specific need or disability.  All students registered with CSAS are eligible to receive the benefits of the programs below.  CSAS staff are available to discuss any of these opportunities with students to help students find their niche and promote student success. CSAS staff can make recommendations for program involvement to students with specific needs, including, but not limited to, social anxiety and distress, obsessive tendencies, and poor communication skills.  

Program Mission:

The Social Opportunities Program aims to assist students with disabilities in achieving academic, educational, and social success through intentional and collaborative opportunities for support and skill development.

Detailed Info on the Program 

Tulsa Kids Magazine October 2013 Edition: "Letting Go: Give Children the Tools, and Let Them Take the Steps" by Karen Moult