Tutoring Services

The tutoring program at The University of Tulsa is designed to assist students in gaining the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in all course work.  TU subsidizes tutoring for lower level courses.

Tutoring is designed to supplement the learning process—not be a replacement for your professor.  Your primary source of help should be your professor.  Please contact your professor if you are having problems.  Your academic success is important.

To find a tutor for a specific course, please e-mail Amy Culwell (amy-culwell@utulsa.edu) to be added to the Harvey course for accessing this information.

Peer and professional tutors provide a more comprehensive support program to all students.

Tutorial services are available for most block courses and other lower level courses (1000-2000) for the subsidized rate of $5.00 per hour for students. For 3000+ level courses tutoring payment is arranged directly with the tutor.

Students will arrange a meeting time at a public space on campus with the tutor. Tutor tickets are purchased at CSAS (we accept cash, check, and the student ID/account). Athletes will contact their sports coordinator for tickets. Students will provide the tutor with one ticket for each hour of tutoring. If a student cannot find a tutor in a particular course, contact CSAS for assistance.

Contact CSAS if you do not find a tutor for your particular course.

We want your feedback! Fill out an evaluation of your tutoring experience so that we can improve our services. The survey is anonymous.


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