For Commuter Students

Commuter students juggle a lot: making a place for themselves academically, making social connections and getting involved on campus. Campus life is not just for those students living in the residence halls or student apartments! It’s for commuters and their families, too.


Here are some of the services TU provides commuters:

Housing Requirements
All first and second year students are required to live in University Residence Halls and participate in a dining program unless they live within a 20 mile radius of the campus and reside with their parents(s) or legal guardian(s). This policy applies to traditional first and second year students, international students and transfer students. (The requirement is fulfilled by completing two (2) years of residency/dining post high school, not via earned credit hours.) It does not apply to married students, students over 21 years of age, and transfer students (post high school) who have earned more than 60 credit hours at another institution. Requests for waiver of this policy should be directed to Housing & Dining Services, The University of Tulsa, 800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-9700. For more information visit Housing.

Housing Residency Exemption/Commuter Form
For those students living with parents who reside within 20 miles of The University of Tulsa, an exemption form is required. Housing Residency Exemption/Commuter Form

Campus security offers a free escort service for persons who must move around campus alone at night. This service also is extended to those persons with permanent or temporary disabilities. Call the Security Office at 5555 for escort service.

The Student Association Senate is here to serve you!
Commuters are have dedicated representation in the Student Association Senate. Student Association Senators are elected by students to represent academic colleges, residence halls, apartments, and commuters. Your Senators are working to support you and your student organizations. The Senate represents your voice on campus and helps fund your organizations. All students are encouraged to attend an SA Senate meeting. Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 9:00pm in the law school building, John Rogers Hall. Agendas and minutes of past meetings are available. Let Senate know what you would like to see done on campus, email us at

Get Involved
Find out how to get involved with organizations on campus. Visit the Student Association Organization website to find out which one is right for you.

Parenting a Commuter Student
You can help your student get the most out of college life with the following tips:
• Encourage involvement. Students who are more engaged on campus tend to stay and finish their degrees then those who feel on the fringe of things. So, encourage your student to visit that free lunch at Sharp Chapel or attend the informational meeting at The Collegian. Trying things outside the classroom can help your student feel more a part of campus life.
• Don’t expect to see a lot of your student. Your student will have a full plate with school, work and other involvements. So, if he doesn’t come home for dinner, maybe it’s because a classmate invited him out for a bite. It’s important that he’s making these campus connections.
• Provide a quiet, comfortable place to study. College studies require more time and effort than high school ever did. Your student may be spending several hours of study time for every hour that he is in class. He will need time and space to study effectively, without interruptions.
• Support your student’s efforts. If he is playing in the TU Jazz Band, go to the concerts. Attend athletic events, programs he helped to coordinate, conferences he worked on because your support means a great deal, even if your student doesn’t always show it.
• Stay involved. Get to know more about the activities your student has gotten involved in so you stay connected to your student.


Listen to KRMG News Talk 740 while you drive.

Watch TUTV to get the latest student news. A weekly student operated television variety show that broadcasts locally on Cox Cable channel 21.