Collins Fitness Center

The Fulton and Susie Collins Fitness Center offers students a modern facility that fosters health and recreation.

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Collins Fitness Center Holiday Hours

The Collins Fitness Center will observe different hours after finals. Please note the fitness center is closed December 24th through January 4th.

Thursday December 18 6a - 7p
Friday December 19 6a - 4p
Saturday December 20 CLOSED
Sunday December 21 CLOSED
Monday December 22 11a - 7p
Tuesday December 23 6a - 2p
Wednesday December 24 11a - 7p
Thursday December 25 6a - 2p
Friday December 26 6a - 2p
December 24 - January 4 CLOSED
Monday January 5th 11a - 7p
Tuesday January 6th 6a - 2p
Wednesday January 7th 11a - 7p
Thursday January 8th 6a - 2p
Friday January 9th 11a - 7p
Saturday January 10th CLOSED
Sunday January 11th CLOSED

Please note: In the case of inlement weather, the Collins Fitness Center will close. Please call 631-3781 prior to visiting.

The fitness center houses three basketball courts, a workout area with over 200 pieces of equipment and a lounge with a big-screen television, furniture and it's very own StarBucks. Other features include a game room and a suspended indoor track that equals 8.1 laps to one mile. A sound system runs throughout the building.

Students who bring headphones to the “cardio theater” can choose from five radio stations or programs being shown from among 13 television screens.

A 3,200-square-foot multipurpose room with a soundproof wall can be used for aerobics, dance, kickboxing, ballet and yoga classes. It can be divided into two rooms.

The facility also includes a Wellness Center where athletic training majors can gain hands-on experience.

The 67,192-square-foot facility is named after the principal donors, Fulton and Susie Collins of Tulsa.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 6a - 11p
Saturday 10a - 6p
Sunday 2p - 11p