Facility Usage Policies & Procedures

The Collins Fitness Center is a generous gift to the students of the University of Tulsa. Students will not be denied access due to use by outside groups. This facility is not available for Varsity Athletic practice or camps. Any fitness class offered may only take up partial space, not denying access or equipment to any University of Tulsa student.

The Student Recreation Center is an honor and a privilege to enter. It is with great enthusiasm and respect that this facility will be used. Access will be denied to any person who acts in an inappropriate manner.


Students: All full-time students, use the Collins Fitness Center by presenting their valid University of Tulsa ID. Part-time students may purchase a pass in the Campus Recreation Office, in the Collins Fitness Center Center.

Student Spouses: Bring a spouse's valid TU ID and a driver's license when purchasing a membership in the Campus Recreation Office.

Faculty and Staff: Bring proof of employment to the Campus Recreation Office to purchase a Facility membership, which is required upon entry.

Faculty/Staff Spouses: Bring spouse's valid TU id and your driver's license when purchasing a membership in the Campus Recreation Office.

Children: The Collins Fitness Center is not open to children. We do not permit children spectators during parental fitness activities.

Guests: (18 years of age and older) will be permitted to the Collins Fitness Center when accompanied by an eligible student, faculty or staff with a valid TU ID.

Alumni: For information regarding Alumni memberships, please contact Mary Wafer-Johnston at 918-631-2675.

Community: The Collins Fitness Center is not available to the community at this time.

The following limitations shall prevail:

  1. Limit for the number of guests per ID is two. If an exception to the guest list is needed, please contact the Campus Recreation Office a day in advance.
  2. Sponsor will take full responsibility for conduct of guest and any destruction of equipment and/or facilities.
  3. Guest must present picture ID before entering
  4. Guest fee, $5.00 per person/per visit.


All users must present a valid TU ID or a Collins Fitness Center ID to enter and use the facilities. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Entry Violation
Individuals who present false identification or whose ID is presented by another individual shall incur an automatic suspension from the facility of between two weeks and one year.

Facility Supervisors have the authority to demand unruly members and/ or guests to leave the Collins Fitness Center if their conduct necessitates such action. Examples include, but are not limited to: spitting on floors, vandalism, hanging from basketball rims, yelling, fighting, dropping weights, threatening employees, and damaging the equipment.

General Policies

  1. Smoking or use of tobacco in any form is prohibited.
  2. Food and beverages are not permitted beyond the ID checkpoint.
  3. Spitting is not permitted in the facility, including water fountains.
  4. Shirts must be worn
  5. Non-marking athletic shoes must be worn in the activity areas. Cleats, sandals, bare or stocking feet are not allowed.
  6. Portable stereos may be used with headphones only.
  7. Bicycles, skateboards, and in-line skates are not permitted in the Collins Center. Bicycle racks are located on the West side, of the facility.
  8. No animals are allowed in the facility except guide dogs.
  9. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Pants with belts or metal rivets and cut-off pants are not allowed. Street clothing compromises the safety of the wearer and is also not permitted. For hygiene purposes and to prolong the life of the equipment, a full shirt, covering the torso is required.


Closed toe athletic footwear is required in all areas except the locker room. Do not wear dark soled shoes that may damage or mark the floors of the gyms and aerobics rooms.

Lost and Found

  1. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  2. Store and secure personal items in day lockers.
  3. Staff members are not permitted to hold valuables.
  4. Items found should be turned in to the equipment check out center. Items not claimed within seven days will be donated to charity.
  5. Inquires regarding lost items should be made at the equipment check out center.

Locker Rooms

  1. Lockers are available for daily use only. All belongings must be removed daily.
  2. Personal locks may be used on a daily basis, but they must be removed from lockers before the Fitness Center closes. Unauthorized locks are cut each night and the contents of the locker removed and discarded.
  3. Inquires regarding lost items should be made at the front desk.

Bag Policy
All backpacks and gym bags must be placed in a locker.

Food and Beverages

  1. Food is not permitted past the Reception Center.
  2. No glass or metal containers allowed in the Collins Center
  3. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco are not allowed.


  1. All advertising materials, (flyers, banners, etc.), must be approved by the Office of Campus Recreation.
  2. Advertising materials will be confined to designated bulletin boards. No flyers on the glass, windows or doors.


  1. Only authorized users of the Collins Fitness Center may check out equipment.
  2. You must present a TU or Collins Fitness Center ID to check out equipment.
  3. Users are responsible for equipment checked out in their name. Fees will be charged for late, lost and/or damaged equipment.
  4. If outdoor equipment is not returned within one week of check out, the equipment will be considered lost and the individual will be charged replacement fees. Indoor equipment (Basketballs, Volleyballs, etc.) may not leave the facility, therefore, will be considered lost after one day.
  5. An individual who has not returned equipment or paid replacement fees will not be allowed to check out equipment. If fees remain unpaid the member may lose additional privileges.