Housing and Dining Requirement

Benefits of Living On Campus
All first/second year students at TU live on campus.  The University established the 1st/2nd year residency requirement because students clearly benefit from living in environment designed with your needs in mind.  Living on campus is an important part of the TU experience.


Housing/Dining Requirement

Retention research shows that living on campus can greatly enhance a student’s educational experience and success. Thus, all first year student are required to live in University Residence Halls and second year students are required to live on campus and both must participate in a University-provided meal plan unless they are formally exempted to reside in the primary residence of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in which the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) reside full time and which is within a 20-mile radius of the campus. Students fulfill the requirement after spending two years living and dining on campus (post high school). Academic credit hours and/or class status do not exempt one from the policy. This policy applies to traditional first and second year students and international students. It also applies to transfer students who have not completed two years at another university (post high school). (Completing two (2) years of residency/dining post high school, not via earned credit hours fulfills the requirement.) Married students and students 21 years of age and older prior to the start of the license period are exempt. All first or second year students under 21 years of age desiring to live at home with parents/legal guardians, should obtain and complete a Housing Residency Exemption Form. This form should be signed by parents and notarized prior to submission.

Download the HRE form here.

Check out the many benefits of living on campus: 

  • Friends- Living on campus makes it easy to meet new friends.  Students are surrounded by others dealing with similar issues, which creates a supportive campus environment for them.
  • Better Grades- Our research indicates that in general, students who live on campus have a higher retention rate than those who reside off campus.
  • Supportive Staff- The student and professional staff are on hand to answer your questions and help you settle in at TU.
  • Exciting Activities- There is always something going on campus!
  • Connection- Students who live on campus remain connected.  Those who move off campus often report feeling disconnected from the University.  Quick trips to ACAC for a study break and spontaneous discussions with others don’t occur; it is more difficult to come to campus to study, attend meetings and go to University events and programs.  Students off campus also don’t hear about campus events and happenings as much as those on campus.
  • Housing Options- On-campus students have the opportunity to request a suite, single room, double as a single, standard double, or an on-campus apartment for your sophomore, junior and senior years. 
  • Memories- Living on campus provides students with fond memories of periods of personal growth, challenges, and new relationships, that last a lifetime.

Click here to download a Request for a Waiver for Housing/Dining Policy.