ResLife TV

RLTV is a service provided by Housing to our students that provides entertainment both on-air and online.  Students can pick up Channel 24 (RLTV) as well as online through CaneFlix while in any housing facility.  RLTV offers Solutions which is a tutoring service.  The channel provides tutoring for Physics I, Calculus I, Chemistry I, Conversational English, and Spanish I.  RLTV serves as another advertising tool as well for the Housing Office through Bumpers (video productions) of events, guidelines and important announcements.  Beginning in the fall, the office that services RLTV, will be also providing social media presence for Housing as well as other video and graphic needs.  The office is 100% student operated from a Graduate Assistant all the way down to freshman who will be able to serve as Digital Media Assistants.  

Click here for the the schedule.


Got Homework? Get help from real tutors, live, call in your questions x2424.

Spanish Sunday 7:30-8:15p.m.
Math Sunday 8:15-9:00p.m. Wednesday 9:45-10:30p.m.
Physics Wednesday 9:00-9:45p.m.

We also offer tutoring in person for Conversational English and Chemistry I.  We will be publishing the dates and times soon.