Reimbursement for Organizations


In order to receive reimbursement for organizations expenses, you must:

  • Have a current agency resolution on file—this is a form containing the names, signatures, and contact information of your organization’s officers and faculty advisor.
  • You must have a 15-digit account number—all account numbers will follow this pattern: 70-0-7000___-23001 or 23009. The 23001 is the account your organization deposits funds into, the 23009 is the account your SA allocations will be transferred to.


Deposits can be made at the teller window in McClure Hall. Click here for a Deposit Form. Any resale of retail items will be subject to sales tax. Sales tax on such items will be deducted from your account and deposited in the TU Sales Tax Account. Please take this into consideration for fundraisers and group purchases.

Check Requests & Reimbursements

Check request forms are available from the Controller's Office in McClure Hall room 105 or Click here for Check Request Form. Reimbursements for expenses should be submitted on a check request form with original, itemized receipts attached within thirty days of the expense. The check request form must be signed and approved by two officers or one officer and the faculty advisor. These signatures are verified against the Resolution form on file. Please fill out the check request legibly and include all fields of information. It takes approximately seven days for a check to be processed.

If you have an invoice from a business or event, take it to your Faculty Advisor and find out who in their area enters requisitions. Have that person enter a requisition and put Grant Garner as an approver of the requisition. If the person cannot enter the account number for the Organization the person entering the requisition can give Grant the requisition number and he can put the account number on the requisition. The University will mail a check to the vendor; students cannot pickup checks for any business or performer. TU typically does not pay deposits.

What you need to submit with the invoice:

  • Who the check/payment should be made out to
  • Federal Tax ID# or Social Security # (also part of the W-9 form)
  • Billing address
  • Services rendered
  • Total amount due
  • Signed and dated by the vendor
  • Sodexo catering exemption online form (Purchase of food and/or beverages using University funds - page 40)

Verifying Account Balances

To verify your account balance, please call Grant Garner in the Controller's Office at 631-2551. To expedite the request, please have your account number and phone number where you can be reached. The office will do their best to respond the same day. If you need a detailed print-out of all account activity, please allow 24 hours to fill your request.

If you have any questions concerning any of these guidelines or your account, contact Grant Garner in the Controller's Office in MCClure Hall, room 105 or call 631-2551.

Organization Resolution Form