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TU beats world record with giant Twister board

TU beats world record with giant Twister board

As part of the popular Hurricane Thursday programming series, almost 200 students came together to do something that had literally never been done before: create the world’s largest Twister Board.

TU students gathered on Thursday, October 23, 2008 to assemble the world's largest Twister board. Armed with enthusiasm and lots and lots of packing tape, participants connected 600 Twister boards, creating a giant Twister board of over 15,000 square feet!

The World's Largest Twister program was part of the Hurricane Thursday programming series, featuring a new campus-wide program every Thursday night. Over the past several years, TU has broken several world records as part of this series. In 2005, students gathered in the amazing feat of creating the world's largest finger painting, a record held long enough to make it into the 2007 Book of World Records.

Planning the Hurricane Thursday series this summer, East Side Area Coordinator and program planner Gennie Lynn searched through the Book of World Records to find something "fun and doable that would appeal to our students."

Hurricane Thursday program planner Jamil Malone said, "The biggest surprise was that while we were out there working on the board, it seemed small. But the actual square footage was the size of an average Walgreen's store!"

The enormity of the Twister Board was most evident from aerial footage provided by local news coverage. All three local stations covered the event, providing excellent publicity for TU and the program.

"The best thing about the whole program was the number of students that came out and stayed, even though the weather was not cooperating with us," commented Gennie Lynn.

Student Government (SA)

The Student Activities office works closely with the TU Student Association (SA).  SA is charged with the responsibility of allocating funds, recognizing official organizations, maintaining a record of recognized student organizations, imposing rules/guidelines, and facilitating programs and events for the student body.  For more info and all the various forms and documents to to www.utulsa.edu/student-life/Student-Activities.aspx.

The University of Tulsa Student Association (SA) represents the cooperative effort of all students and organizations on campus to make college life as enriching and rewarding as possible. 

All students at The University of Tulsa are members of SA!  Every semester you pay a student fee that helps  bring awesome programming, speakers, and services to your disposal.  Some of these events include Homecoming Week, Springfest, concerts, grad party, and more!

SA goes beyond the basic concept of student governance by offering everthing from free legal services to lecture series to various types of live entertainment.  The succes of SA relies upon student involvement.  Engaged students at TU know they are not only members of SA, but they are SA!

To learn more about campus organizations or scheduled activities such as up-coming concerts, comedians, speakers, road trips, and other opportunities for campus involvement, visit with an officer or go to the Student Association web page http://www.utulsa.edu/student-life/Student-Activities.aspx .

For information about where we are located go to http://www.utulsa.edu/Student-life/Allen-Chapman-Activity-Center/Student-Offices.aspx   

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

You become a member of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) by virtue of living in the residence halls and paying a $25/semester RHA fee. RHA represents residents’ concerns and provides educational, social, and recreational programs. As the liaison between residents and the administration, RHA promotes positive changes in residence hall policies. RHA is well known for its “Welcome Back” fall socials, philanthropic projects, spring honors and awards banquet, and the annual “RHA Week” held in January.

Hall Governments

Each hall is a self-governing unit within RHA and elects officers according to the respective residence hall constitutions. Officer elections are held on a hall-wide basis. All of these positions provide the opportunity for students to serve in a leadership capacity in the hall, act as liaisons between students and the Office of Housing & Dining Services, and develop hall programs. Interested students should contact their Resident Assistant or Residence Director early in the fall semester to get involved.

National Residence Hall Honorary

The NRHH is the recognition branch of NACURH, which truly believes that recognition is a must in a strong Residence Hall community. As such, NRHH is there to make sure that we don't forget to give those pats on the back. The way NRHH works on campus is through a chapter. The NRHH chapter membership (per school) is restricted to 1% of students living in the residence halls. So, once inducted into NRHH you can consider yourself a member of the Top 1% of residence hall leaders.

Apartment Council

Apartment Council is a monthly meeting in which Complex Managers meet with apartment residents to seek feedback concerning their living environment. This group looks for ideas for programming and provides a format for residents to offer ideas to improve the apartment community. These meetings will be announced in the apartment newsletter, “Tune In,” and is open to all apartment residents. Make your voice heard and come to these gatherings.