IFC Fraternities (NIC)

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August 22-24, 2014

The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) is the governing body for many national and international fraternal organizations.

At The University of Tulsa there are currently 5 NIC fraternities:

Kappa Alpha Order

National Website: www.kappaalphaorder.org

Local Website: http://tulsa.kappaalphaorder.org

Kappa Sigma

National Website: www.kappasigma.org

Local Website: www.epsilonmu.org

Lambda Chi Alpha

National Website: www.lambdachi.org

Local Website: http://www.lambdachitulsa.com

Pi Kappa Alpha

National Website: www.pikes.org

Local Website: http://tulsapika.org

Sigma Chi

National Website: www.sigmachi.org

Local Website: www.tulsasigmachi.com

The 5 NIC fraternities at TU are governed by the undergraduate Interfraternity Council (IFC) of TU as well as each organization’s national/international headquarters.

IFC includes representatives from each of these fraternities, advisors, and an executive board.