IFC Recruitment

Register for IFC Fraternity Formal Recruitment

August 22-24, 2014

IFC has a Formal Recruitment the weekend before classes begin. Formal Recruitment lasts from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Formal Recruitment is in many ways a formal process, involving a series of events over the three days. It is a mutual selection process, meaning that both you and the Greek chapters to which you are applying both have some say and control over the process.

Potential New Members (PNMs), i.e., men going through Formal Recruitment, are expected to participate in all recruitment events, including a meeting during Orientation week and all parties/events Friday through Sunday.

Recruitment Task Force (RTF)

During Formal Recruitment, PNMs are assigned to a small recruitment group led by a member of the Recruitment Task Force (RTF). An RTF is a Greek man at TU who has temporarily disaffiliated himself from his fraternity in order to help guide potential members through recruitment. He is not involved in any way with his chapter's recruitment program, and during recruitment, he will not reveal the fraternity with which he is affiliated.

These young men know what recruitment is like, and they are prepared to answer questions and assist potential members with any problems they might have. With unbiased and positive attitudes toward fraternity life, these RTFs want to help potential members make the decision that is right for them. By taking advantage of the guidance these RTFs provide, potential members will find that recruitment is a very fun and rewarding experience.