NPC Recruitment

Register for Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment

August 22-24, 2014

NPC has a Formal Recruitment the weekend before classes begin. Formal Recruitment lasts from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Formal Recruitment is in many ways a formal process, involving a series of events over the three days. It is a mutual selection process, meaning that both you and the Greek chapters to which you are applying both have some say and control over the process.

Potential New Members (PNMs), i.e., women going through Formal Recruitment, are expected to participate in all recruitment events, including a meeting during Orientation week and all parties/events Friday through Sunday.

Guidelines for Formal Recruitment

  • Potential New Members should attend all meetings with their Recruitment Counselors (RCs). These meetings are important and informative.
  • PNMs should keep negative remarks to themselves.
  • Sorority members may not speak about pledging or other matters of a similar nature to a PNM.
  • Sorority members may not entertain, spend money, or otherwise influence a PNM.
  • PNMs should not receive personalized letters from any sorority.
  • PNMs shall not enter any sorority house or fraternity house except for designated times during Formal Recruitment.
  • PNMs must make an effort to attend every event. Absences may disqualify her from participating in Formal Recruitment.

Recommendation Letters

Recommendation Letters/Letters of Support can be very confusing. The university does not need any letters to complete the registration process. However, each sorority has their own policy as to whether or not they require a letter.  

If you do not have a letter sent to each sorority, IT IS OK!! If it is in the sorority's policy that a letter is required, then it is up to the individual sorority to obtain a letter for you. Remember the sorority women want to get to know you first and foremost. A letter is more of a procedural thing and this is how it works:  

A letter is sent to each of the individual sororities at TU (Chi Omega, Tri Delta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Gamma, and Kappa Alpha Theta) from alumnae of that specific sorority. There are particular steps the alumna will take based on the policies of her sorority. The letters can be sent to the individual chapters at TU via the Greek Life Office as the chapter houses are closed during the summer break.  

Specify the sorority on the outside of the envelope and address it to the Greek Life Office. The Greek Life Office will make sure it gets to the specified sorority. (The University of Tulsa, Greek Life Office, 800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104)

Recruitment Counselors (RCs)

During Formal Recruitment, PNMs are assigned to a small recruitment group led by a recruitment counselor. An RC is a Greek woman at TU who has temporarily disaffiliated herself from her sorority in order to help guide potential members through recruitment. She is not involved in any way with her chapter's recruitment program, and during recruitment, she will not reveal the sorority with which she is affiliated.

These young women know what recruitment is like, and they are prepared to answer questions and assist potential members with any problems they might have. With unbiased and positive attitudes toward sorority life, these recruitment counselors want to help potential members make the decision that is right for them. By taking advantage of the guidance these RCs provide, potential members will find that recruitment is a very fun and rewarding experience.