In-take Process

Membership Intake Period

Becoming a member of a Greek-letter organization has many benefits. The support and friendship you receive from your brothers or sisters is phenomenal. Upon joining a chapter, you open up a whole new network of individuals and are welcomed into a worldwide family. The community service involved with joining an NPHC chapter also benefits you as you learn more about yourself through service toward others. Leadership opportunities vary as you learn how to create programs, become involved in multiple student organizations, and perhaps even take on a leadership position in your Greek chapter.

If you are interested in joining a Greek chapter, including an NPHC organization, you should first evaluate all of the organizations and not rely or be influenced by stereotypical media images. While all Greek chapters are different, all are centered on the core ideals of leadership, brotherhood & sisterhood, scholarship, social life, and philanthropic/community service.

NPHC organizations use a different recruitment process than those of the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council. NPHC organizations have open recruitment or ‘Membership Intake Periods’ that are set by the specific chapter, not by the NPHC council. Each chapter has their own specific requirements for intake.

Be aware that organizations will hold informational meetings throughout the school year. These meetings will be advertised on campus billboards, residence halls, and at times, via email/Facebook. These meetings are the start to the intake process and will give more information about the chapter, cost of membership, specific intake requirements, and an opportunity to have questions answered. It is acceptable for a person to attend more than one chapter’s informational meeting. And remember, membership is for life. So please take the opportunity to get to know each organization. Each organization has different requirements, but all require a minimum grade point average and an official transcript.

All NPHC organizations at TU require a minimum number of college credit hours to be completed before being applicable for membership. So, during your first year at TU, maintain a positive GPA and attend programs put on by all of the NPHC groups. This will give you a chance to get to know the members of each chapter and get a better feel for which one might be the best fit. Also, visit the national headquarters' website and attend general NPHC events.

The intake process may begin in the fall or the spring, depending on the chapter’s schedule. The approval processes for the applications also vary from chapter to chapter. However, all have alumni involved in the process. After applications have been approved, membership education begins. The new member will learn about the history and inner workings of their organization. Each affiliate organization implements the guidelines and details of its own membership intake process, so the length of the specific new member programs vary; however, they may not last longer than 12 weeks.