Job Postings

Posting your position or internship on Golden OpporTUnities

Any employer that is registered in Golden OpporTUnities has the ability to post a position to be seen by TU students and alumni.  Once logged in, you can complete the position details online and submit.  Once submitted, a Career Services staff member will approve the position and it will go "live" for students and alumni to view and to apply.

You will have the option of receiving applications directly through your email or collecting them online via Golden OpporTUnities.  An application can consist of just a resume, or you can ask for a cover letter, an unofficial transcript, and even a writing sample.  It's all up to you!

A Career Services staff member will contact you if additional information is needed regarding your position and it should be posted soon thereafter.  Generally, positions are posted for a 30-day period.  If you have questions about this process, feel free to contact Nicole Loykasek, Recruiting Coordinator, at 918-631-2896 or email