Internships and Jobs


Job Postings and Internship opportunities posted specifically for students at The University of Tulsa are accessible by logging into Golden OpporTUnities.

Internships provide students with the opportunity to supplement classroom training with real-world experience in a position related to their major or career goals. Students may be paid or may receive academic credit or a combination of pay and credit.  Internships completed for academic credit may be in the students discipline for credit toward the major or may be in public service to fulfill general education credits. provides up-to-date listings of internships in many geographic regions for part/full-time positions with public/private institutions for seasonal/summer/year-round terms that are paid/unpaid in many academic disciplines.

Instructions:   Go to the website and select "Students".  To register, select "The University of Tulsa" from the drop-down box.  The password is "tulsa".  Once registered, you'll login using your email address and your own personal password.




Paid Internships - All students are eligible for paid internships. 

  • Internships arranged for pay do not require supervision by an academic advisor 

Academic Credit applied to the student's major - Only students in the College of Arts & Sciences and some majors in the College of Business Administration are eligible for credit toward the major.


  • Internship for credit must be approved by a faculty advisor.
  • A student must enroll in a Practicum or Independent Study course prior to beginning the internship.
  • Requires completion of academic requirements in addition to the work experience itself.
  • Typically graded Pass/Fail.

Combine Academic Credit and Pay -  Internships may be arranged for both pay and academic credit for students in the College of Business Administration and a few majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. All guidelines for academic internships must be met.

The Public Service Internship Program at The University of Tulsa offers students the opportunity to complete an internship at a non-profit, service-oriented agency. Public Service Internships are coordinated through the Office of University and Community Service. These internships are intended for juniors and seniors with a declared major. Under certain circumstances, a second semester sophomore may be considered.


  • Interns carry 3 hours of general elective credit and are not monetarily compensated.
  • As an option, students may receive major credit with prior approval from a faculty advisor.
  • Typically, 160 hours will be required in a 14-week semester.
  • Completion of a daily journal and final evaluative essay.
  • Graded on a Pass/D/Fail basis.