Insurance Information

Important Information About Required Student Health Insurance Coverage for 2014-2015

All students enrolled at The University of Tulsa are required to have health insurance coverage which provides for benefits in the state of Oklahoma.  This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  1. the student can obtain coverage offered through the University or
  2. students can obtain  coverage provided through another carrier (such as coverage under a dependent student’s parent’s policy) as long as that coverage provides benefits for claims made in Oklahoma.

If the TU student has a spouse and/or dependents, the student can also add coverage for them under the policy offered through the University.

This approach to health insurance coverage is being put into place to help ensure that all enrolled students have access to health care especially as increasing numbers of TU students come from outside of Oklahoma.  To help ensure coverage, all students will have the cost of the coverage available through the University added to their University bill each semester. However, as explained below, that charge will be removed from the semester’s charges upon verification  of other appropriate coverage.  Verification must be received by August 31st for students enrolling in the fall semester and January 31st for students enrolling for the first time in the spring semester.

A brochure is available that provides detailed information regarding the coverage available through the University.  There is also a waiver form that will enable you to refuse this coverage by providing proof of other coverage that provides benefits for claims made in Oklahoma.  You can also obtain a copy of the waiver form by going to the following web site.

While there are many important features in the coverage available through the University, here are a few highlights:

  • Those covered have access to a 24 hour, toll free Nurse Advice Line and Travel Assistance Program;
  • $2,500 to a parent or family member to cover transportation and accommodations should a covered student be hospitalized for 7 days or longer.  On Call International must make and pay for this benefit & restrictions apply;
  • The same amount of coverage to enable a covered student to return home should a parent or sibling die or be hospitalized for a life-threatening illness.  On Call International must make and pay for this benefit & restrictions apply.

Please give the coverage available through The University of Tulsa your careful consideration so you can determine if it or another qualified insurance plan is best.  Should you have questions, please contact Kelley Hinkle at (918) 747-4100.

Please note: A student’s Aetna Student Health Insurance is automatically renewed every year unless a waiver card is received showing proof of other coverage.