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TU Treks Ropes This organization is designed to give TU students an opportunity to get off campus and Get Outdoors!  Our focus is one helping students appreciate and explore the outdoors around the Tulsa area as well as around the nation!

What we do:

Tu Treks CampingThe answer to that question is pretty simple...if it's outside, chances are, we'll do it. Meetings are held every other week and we get together to discuss what we want to do, what we are doing and what we have done.  We use this opportunities to develop and plan our events.,

The past year TU Treks has accomplished many activities including a Ropes Course, camping trips, paint balling and the favorite of course was our Spring Break trip to the Grand Canyon.  Students were able to expand there knowledge of these different areas and also just relax.  We allow students to help plan and lead the trip if that is their desire.

This upcoming year promises to be another exciting and action packed year.  Look for future announcements about upcoming events.


TU Treks has grown our collection of equipment this past year, but we are still accumulating various types including, tents, stoves, ropes, sleeping bags, packs, harnesses, etc. We still ask students to bring equipment if they possess it.  But don't let that worry you though, because if you don't have your own equipment...we'll find some for you.

Trip Costs:

Many of our activites are free, however, some do require a fee. All trip costs vary and include such things as expenses for food, gas, tolls, and equipment rental. Trips which tend to be more technically challenging, require more equipment or are multiday, tend to cost more. The program will often subsidize the cost of many of these trips in order to lower the overall cost to the participants.

  Grand Canyon


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