Cane Transit

Cane Transit provides TU students comfortable transportation from campus to several shopping centers in the Midtown Tulsa Area. Listed below are the on-campus and off-campus stops for the shuttle service. Save Gas, use Cane Transit!

Summer 2014 DATES AND TIMES*

Sat. June 21:  1pm-7pm
Sat. June 28:    1pm-7pm
Sat. July 5:  1pm-7pm
Sat. July 12: 1pm-7pm
Sat. July 19: 1pm-7pm
Sat. July 26: 1pm-7pm
Sat. Aug 2:  1pm-7pm
Sat. Aug 9:  1pm-7pm
Sat. Aug 16:  1pm-7pm
Sun. Aug 17: 1pm-7pm
Mon. Aug 18: 1pm-7pm
Fri. Aug 22:  1pm-7pm
Sat. Aug 23: 1pm-7pm

Approximate start and end times. Please arrive at the shuttle stop early and be ready to board the shuttle.
Shuttles will attempt to make one round trip per hour.
It may be necessary to wave to the shuttle driver to alert the driver to stop.


Will pick up in the following order. Last on-campus pick-ups are 2 hours prior end of shuttle times.
1st - Shuttle picks up in front of Fisher South at 1:00 p.m. (and then approx. on the hour)
2nd - Shuttle picks up at Norman Village Clubhouse 1:05 p.m. (and then approx.on the :05 hour)
3rd - Shuttle picks up at Mailboxes in Brown Village at 1:10 p.m. (and then approx. on the :10 hour)

OFF-CAMPUS SHUTTLE ROUTE will travel through parking areas:

1st - Target/Reasor's/Lower Level Sears Entrances on Yale between 15th and 21st St. (approx. on the :20 hour)
** On STATE FAIR DAYS, the first stop will be substituted with a stop at the Main State Fair Gate #12.
2nd - Promenade Mall (Stopping at the Movie Theater/El Chico Entrance) (approx. on the :30 hour)
3rd - SouthRoads Shopping Center (Entrances of Barnes & Noble, Michael's, Sport's Authority, Reasor's, and AMC 20 Theaters) (approx. on the :35 hour)
4th - Back to Target/Reasor's/Lower Level Sears Entrances on Yale between 15th and 21st St on the way back to campus. (approx. on the :45 hour)


1. ALL students MUST have their TU ID to ride the shuttle.
2. All riders are expected to catch the last shuttle. It is not the shuttle driver's responsibility to wait or find the riders.
3. No alcohol or smoking is permitted on the Shuttle.
4. It is recommended to catch the shuttle where you were dropped off. (Don't miss your ride).
5. If you miss the last shuttle, you are responsible for getting back to campus. Please don't miss it, and plan ahead.
6. Shuttle driver may make additional stops, but may not deviate from the shuttle route.