Convenience Stores

The University has two convenience stores located on campus with a wide range of items; staples like bread, cereal and milk as well as snacks, personal items, and most anything else you'd find in a convenient store. All can be purchased using Hurricane Gold Cards, credit cards, and cash.   

campus convenience stores

C-Stores in ACAC & Pat Case Dining Center

Located within the Pat Case Dining Center and the ACAC Food Court, the University's convenience stores feature over 500 items for sale.

Snacks, health food, personal supplies, and packaged meals all can be purchased using your Hurricane Gold Cards, credit cards, and cash.

Hours of Operation:

ACAC Food Court  

Monday - Friday  7:30a - 5:00p 

Pat Case Dining Center C-Store and Smoothie Bar

 Monday - Friday  12:00p - 8:00p