Contributors to the Endowment

Honoring a Life and Legacy

The Darcy O'Brien Endowed Chair at The University of Tulsa was established in memory of writer, scholar, educator and critic Darcy O'Brien. A member of The University of Tulsa English faculty from 1978 until 1996, O'Brien died on March 2, 1998, at the age of 58.

The Oxley Foundation of Tulsa provided a generous challenge grant to establish the endowed chair. O'Brien was a close friend of Jack Oxley; so, too, were Robert E. and Roxana Lorton, who graciously served as cochairs of the endowment campaign.

We gratefully acknowledge the following friends and colleagues of Darcy O'Brien who contributed to this lasting legacy.

Ellen and Steve Adelson

Lynn Alexander

Dr. and Mrs. H. William Allred, Jr.

Mary W. Athens

Virginia Atwood

Cora and Robert Baker

Nancy and Brent Beesley

Margaret Beesley

Caroline and D. Thomas Benediktson

Patricia Beveridge

Frances and Robert Biolchini

Mary and Thomas Brett

Rebecca and Ronald Burchart

Patricia and Joseph Cappy

William Castleberry

Chris Cawood

George and Jennie Collins Foundation

Fulton and Susie Collins Foundation

Hanley Cox

Brenda Davis

Beverly and Bruce Dieterlen

Robert Doenges

Linda and William Doenges

Wanda and Harry Dougherty

Kay and F. Daniel Duffy

Dona and Del Dutcher

Duffy and Tricia Duyfhuizen

Kal Eisenberg, M.D.

Tiana and Richard Eustis

Judith and William Fisher

Gail Fleming

Joan Flint

Mark H. Ford

Linda and Marc Frazier

Vaughndean and Munson Fuller

Carola George

Barbara and Ron George and Family

Hermione de Almeida and George Gilpin

Sharon Bell and Gregory Gray

Marian Green

Tracey Gudgel

Herbert and Roseline Gussman Foundation

Pearl M. and Julia J. Harmon Foundation

Lorene Cooper Hasbrouck Charitable

Trust (Reuben Davis and Nick Schneider, Trustees)

Blanche Hausam

John F. Hausam

Marie and Seamus Heaney

The Helmerich Foundation

Barbara and Stephen Heyman

Markus Hilti

Patricia and Gary Himes

Burt B. Holmes

Rita Huber

S.E. Hinton and David Inhofe

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bryan Johnson III

Susan Belasco and Linck Johnson

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Stacie and Robert Keeble

Jack Kelley

W. C. Kellough

Susan and Charles Kemnitz

Robert S. and Grayce B. Kerr Foundation

Lee and King Kirchner

Rhoda Koenig

David Kubrin

Robert LaFortune

Robert Langholz

Janis and G. Scott Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lewis

Corinna Lobner

Phyllis and Guy Logsdon

Roxana and Robert Lorton

Bill Loughridge

Joyce and Arthur Margulis

Paula Marshall

Mary Murray’s Flowers

Susan and Robert Mase

James McGill

Meinig Family Foundation

Pauline and Paul Moore

Evelyn Nienhuis

Sherril and G.O. Nolley

Molly O’Brien

Frances O’Hornett

Gabrielle and Reed Oppenheimer

Mary and Joseph O’Toole

The Oxley Foundation

Debby and John Oxley

Patchouli’s, Inc.

Robert Patterson

Valerie and Thomas Patterson

Diane and Lindsay Perkins

Ann and Leslie Pierce

Mary Anne Pierce

Jacqueline and Robert Poe

Phil Poulos, Ph.D.

Christine and Douglas Preston

Dorothy and Jerome Preston

Michelle and Richard Preston

Francine Ringold

Julius and Mildred Sanditen Foundation

Mary Jo and Gailard Sartain

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Milann Siegfried

Pamela Slateliggett

Judith and Allen Soltow

Marjorie and Bob Spoo

Gene Starr

Steve’s Sundry Books & Magazines

Rennard Strickland

Susan and Sam Stone

Barbara and James Sturdivant

Jeanne and Bob Sullivan

Tate Foundation

Jean Tate

Priscilla and Joseph Tate

Tatiana and Gordon Taylor

Jeanne Vinson and Robert Thomas

David Tunick

Judith Ungerman

Cinda and Philip Viles

Brooke Walker

Virginia Walker

 Peter M. Walter

Ann Watson

Kathleen and Robert West

Ruth and Kenneth Weston

Patricia Wheeler

Penny Williams

Janis and John Wooley

Nancy Worten

Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

John Steele Zink Foundation




Always Remembered 

John S. Athens

Roger Atwood

Ann Chilton Bartlett

Scott T. Beesley

Donald Brawner

Judy and Ron Butler

Charles Clement

Marylouise Cowan

Robert Davis

Martha and Cortlandt Dietler

Kenneth Fleming

Charles Flint

Barbara T. Ford

Norman Grabo

Elise P. Grant

Mary Frances and Donald Hayden

Ellen and Ben Henneke

Norman Hulings

Manly Johnson

Jean Kelley

Catherine Kellough

Vonnie King

Jeanne LaFortune

Wesley Lobner

Linda Loughridge

Maynard Ungerman

Gloria and Edward McFarland

Jean McGill

Lester Nienhuis

Ernestine B. Peacock

Martha P. Roberts

Marja Schneiderman

Ray Siegfried

L. K. Smith

Gertrude Sundgren

Floyd Walker

James G. Watson